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    Role of language in diplomacy.

    The use of language is very important in diplomatic dealings. It will have a very important role to play in diplomacy. You should be good at the language you choose so that precise words can be used. The person with whom you are dealing should also be conversant in that language. Then only there will not be any communication gap.

    Try to use soft words so that the other person will not get upset. Using soft words will never mean that you are weak. Be assertive while talking and your body language should convey to others that you are assertive. Hearing the voice of others is also very important. If their ideas are good never reject them. When you talk to an individual address him by his name.

    Avoid confrontation. The language and the words you use should be in such a way that the other person will never get upset but start thinking in the line of your thinking.

    Once you practice the above points you can be a good diplomat.

    This is my submission for TOW contest.
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    Agreed with you that if we want to win someone by diplomacy then language play an important roll over there but at the same time body language is also an important factor. There are many countries in the world and they all have their own language but when a deal is concerned the medium of language would be English, still many organization appoints language translator also to help them, but as far as your body language and expressions are concerned no one can explain them, it is automatically understood by the person to whom you want to explain. We all know diplomacy is always there when we talk about not only domestic relations but International relations are also there, so yes language and way of communication both are needful factors for diplomatic people.
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    Rightly said by the author that the way we speak to others in assertive way, and give them the understanding that we have the right information and sure of it is also one of the diplomatic way to convince others. But the same cannot be implemented with those who were already intelligent and masters of that subject and we would be put into inconvenience for wrongly saying something. For any reason, we have to see as to who is present at the gathering and who is more educated on the subject and that way we can win over others. Suppose if we are sitting among the best chefs of their time, we cannot say something about modern cooking and its advantage. That means if there are professionals in that gathering of same subject, better to exercise restraint and talk in more diplomatic way so that none gets fooled or hurt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Diplomacy is a trait of using language, words, sentences, and body language that suits the situation, the person you are talking with, the attitude of the opposite person, so that the communication is effective, good, expressed, understood, and builds a good relationship between the two. The role of language is very important to communicate and with diplomacy, it becomes more effective and even understood by people easily. A speech with diplomacy mixed is more absorbed by people than who are forceful or aggressive. When a person mixes diplomacy with any language, the opposite person feels one with him and is also ready to agree with the talk in an amicable way. Everyone should practice diplomacy in their talk with a genuine heart that will reduce fights, aggression and bossy.
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