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    Teaching moral to public especially to students is inevitable now

    Nowadays the crime rate is growing up and up everywhere. This depicts the lack of morality in our public as a whole. In those days the schools were moral classes in all standards. Children were taught by parents about the respect to others and follow moral etiquette. Parents, wives and husbands were given and treated with respect by each other. No husband calls his wife by her name in public, similarly no wife tells the name of husband in public. Through respect the love on wife, husband and parents was in good conditions then. Now we can see many divorce cases, killing of parents or committing suicide for controlling them from watching mobiles, killing of husbands by wife or killing wife by husbands etc.,
    The basic reason is we are all forgetting morality and moral thinking. We should live as Manushya and not as an animal. For this I read a story of Kalidasa, who well known poet, narrated here.

    During one of his travels, Kalidasa felt very thirsty and looked around for water. He saw a woman drawing water from a well.
    He went up to her and asked her for water. She agreed to give him water, but asked him, *_"Who are you? *_ Introduce yourself."
    Now Kalidasa thought that an ordinary village woman was not worthy of knowing who Kalidasa was. So he said, "I am a traveller."
    But his lady replied, "In this world there are only 2 travellers – the Sun and the Moon. Both Rise and Set every day and keep travelling perpetually."
    Then Kalidasa said, "Alright then, I am a guest." The lady promptly replied, "In this world there are only 2 guests – Youth and Wealth … both are temporary and hence can only be called as guests."
    Intrigued Kalidasa said, "I am a Tolerant person (sahansheel vyakti)." Now the lady replied, "In this world only 2 truly know the meaning of Tolerance – Bhoomi (Earth) and Tree. How much ever you stamp the earth or throw stones at the tree (for the fruits), both continue to nurture us."
    Now Kalidasa was completely perplexed. He said, "Fine. I am a stubborn person (hatavaadi)." The lady smiled and said, "There are only 2 truly stubborn personalities – our nails and our hair. We keep cutting them non-stop, but they continue to grow."
    Kalidasa had been patient so far, but now in anger he said, "I am a fool". Now the lady gave a wide smile and said, "There are only 2 kinds of fools in this world – a King who rules without having any capability or knowledge & a Minister who is a sycophant to such a King and lavishes praises on such a useless king."
    Kalidasa realized that he had been outsmarted. He fell at the feet of the lady and when he touched her feet and then got up, whom did he see?
    Mata Saraswati – the Goddess of Learning and Wisdom. She said, "Kalidasa, you are wise. But only if you know yourself do you become a Manushya (human being). A person without any awareness of self has not reached the pinnacle of being a Human.
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    Morals are very important for any human being. But unfortunately these days there is no importance for morals. If we try to tell something good to anybody, simply they say you please mind your business.
    Earlier days teachers used to be respected by all. By any chance, a teacher beats a student, the student was getting very much worried as if the teacher goes and tells with his parents. But these days the student will go and complain about the teacher and the parents will come a fight with the teacher.
    Education is not just to give you the knowledge and a way to live. It should teach you the values in our life, the importance of ethics and morals in our lives. These should be taught to the students.

    always confident

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    When we talk about moral and moral lessons, it must be started at the early age between 2 to 5 years which is the best time to nurture the child with good habits and the child would take it to heart and mind and follow it. I have seen so many children who would not eat anything unless and until said yes by the mother. Likewise they would not ask anything if they go out or visiting others house except the relatives. Even the table mannerism is also important which speaks volume of the nurturing of a child. What ever learned during the childhood would be followed and extended to the further ages.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Moral values are very important for a human being to live their life in such a way that you can be ideal for others and our new generation.
    Many schools mentioned moral values in their syllabus and it should be compulsory for all schools even collages as well but the real age of learning basic values is started from 3 to 4 years of age so it is difficult by schools to make them understood the values of life. Parents and family are most important for any child to learn moral values.
    Moral values are the foundation of our life which should be strong, it will start from three golden words - Sorry Thank You and Please but believe me the value of these 3 small words will be increased all the life and these words will all make you respectable in front of the world.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Moral values are worthy principles that help a person to know what is good and what is bad. Good moral builds up the character of an individual like Respect( to parents, teachers, children, relatives, neighbours, religion, people around, etc), Adjusting and Compromising at every stage of life so that no one feels hurt by our words or action, Helping Mentality (Family, relatives, neighbours, people in need and country), forgiving ( to all that have done wrong to us, our family, etc), Honesty in everything that you do, leading a disciplined life, etc. When we have moral values, we do try to be good with others and make this place better to live through our action and words. When we give respect do we receive it, when we help it gets its value when we adjust so do others when we are honest everyone follows suits, etc When we follow and lead a moral life, everyone around does try to follow and in this way, we can teach others the moral values of life through our action.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    The knowledge that you gained is useful only when it's applied. Otherwise, it remains just as knowledge only. Same is the case with morality that is described with a few instances. The students are learning many things, moral stories too, but they are unable to find it in real life. Wherever they look, they find corruption. Good habits are inculcated at home by the parents. The students are not finding it inside their homes and desperately following what others are doing. Learning through example is the best way. Real-life characters will influence them more than the mythological ones. Nowadays, it's hard to find those real-life characters.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Moral teachings are essential to be given to students because tomorrow they will become husband or wife or parents. Moral teachings shouldn't be taken for granted. No formalities are required in this matter.

    Sometimes I hear that a son has beaten his father. It shocks me. Somebody told me that a student literally slapped his father in his school campus when having received a call from school about the complaint of that student he visited school and met the principal. The father rebuked his son on his ill-activities which he did not tolerate and slapped him, However, a result school-principal expelled the boy then and there. But the question is why this situation comes in reality. Most probably the reason is that parents don't focus on this aspect (moral teachings) while bringing up their children, otherwise, such incidents can't occur.

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