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    Diplomacy is boon or bane

    Diplomacy is an art of behaviour. It can't be achieved within one day. It is the nature of personality which develops inside since childhood. Very few people have this characteristic. Definitely, it is very difficult to choose a category for diplomacy. That means either it is good or bad. I have noticed that it proved very helpful in tackling the worse situation many times. In contrast, sometimes people break their relationship due to diplomatic nature. I think it is the need of the hour. It proved boon in tackling the political, social and economic situation. It is considered as a bane when people would think diplomat nature using for cheating purpose.
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    Diplomacy is the boon and surely it pays to the person who follows it with much professionalism. The way Indian Diplomacy prevented the Chinese war is the great example, India could have acted more ruthlessly against the Chinese PLA for having martyred 20 valuable soldiers of our armed forces but the way the government has initiated the military level talks on the one hand and our PM Modi gathered the International support from US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Thailand has not only rattled China but also gave the signal to Pakistan not to bring angry with India in future.
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    It may be a boon some times but it may be bane sometimes. I have seen many people who use this tool for getting out the hurdles that are coming in the way to solve some problems. In such cases definitely it is a boon only. But some people use the same for cheating others. That is a real bane. We should not rely on such people who try to deceive us with their diplomatic moves. I have seen many politicians who use this as a tool for winning the votes of public and after winning they deceive them and never worry about them.
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    Maintaining diplomacy is helpful in numerous situations such as demonstration of strike and with the oily tongue one can handle the situation. In most of the times with the use of diplomacy, we can manage the difficult situations. The biggest drawback of this posture is its frequent use by fraudsters for achieving their goals. It becomes sometimes diffult to understand the ulterior motive of such people. Being deceived with the false promise with the use of diplomacy would prove to bane which is sometimes used by the politicians to woo the voters during the election time.

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    Diplomacy is a quality of nature and agreed with you that we can not be diplomat if we are not having it in our nature, but there are many people who have much quality and they can pretend as a diplomatic or a straight forward nature as per the situation.
    Still, my opinion is the same as others that people should not be diplomatic in relation and do not use relatives to fulfill their motto. But yes if there is a matter to maintain relations in a positive way that time one can be diplomatic.

    Swati Sharma

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    Diplomacy is always regarded as a boon because the intention is to deal with the situation/people tactically to resolve a crisis. It's an art and it's not possible for everyone to act in a diplomatic way. The problem occurs when people use diplomatic means to one's own advantage and deceit others. In those cases, diplomacy cannot be regarded as a boon.

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    Diplomacy is two edged sword. It can be used for the development and benefit of the community by its leaders to act diplomatically and get the help from the whole world. At the same time if the leaders use it for cheating and making money for themselves then God only can correct it.
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    Taking diplomacy as a boon or bane depends upon the situation and dealing with that person. Diplomacy is in everyone but using it when required can be learned through practice which is not learned easily. Many people can develop this habit that makes them friendly with many as they can handle any situation by their diplomatic approach. Some are so fraud that they use their diplomatic way to deceive others by giving false promises in front of everyone but turning from it when the actual time comes. Such diplomats are seen in politics, religious leaders and even at workplaces. One needs to understand their approach and when minutely look into the fact will be able to understand their deceived motive which is sugary coated by their words that many fall in it and are used by them for their gain.
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