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    Rafale - a moment of pride for India

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi today welcomed the arrival of the Rafale at the Ambala Air Force base by tweeting in Sanskrit, which roughly translates to, 'there is nothing more virtuous than protecting the nation'. Considering that the Rafale made by Dassault Aviation France is a high performance fighter aircraft, it will definitely be a big boost to the morale of our armed forces. Though right now, they are too few in number, in the months and years to come they are likely become a significant part of our air power.

    In fact, this is not the first time that the country is experimenting with French aircrafts. Even though most of our fighter jets are from Russia, time to time we had some top quality French fighters with us. The famed Mirage 2000, which made the country proud during the Kargil war and the recent operation Balakot, have roots from the same Dassault Aviation as Rafale. We even have the oldie Jaguar aircrafts that too had their origins in France and England.

    So it can be safely hoped that in the days to come, the Rafale will add to the air power of the country very significantly. Considering the war threat that India is today faced on two fronts, the induction of the Rafale by the Indian Airforce is the right aircraft at the right time.
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    This is definitely a moment of pride for us as the nation's security is the most important matter in our lives. We have an identity only because we have a nation to proud of. We should acquire more such warfares also from other advanced countries.
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    The Rafale fighter jets which arrived in India at Ambala air force base with water cannon salute depicts our pride and valor which has been increased manifold and thus prompted the Defence Minister to send warning to enemy countries that India is more powerful now. This is the game changer fighter planes which can out smart and out run the fighters being possessed and operated by China and Pakistan. France has to be appreciated for timely handing over the air fighters when India is facing the hostile attitude from the enemies. Now the China, Pakistan and Nepal has to face the ire of Indian forces.
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    Indeed this new consignment of fighter planes will strengthen our air force and defence system.
    India is a big country with all resources to be self reliant but we still depend on other countries for weapons and war-planes. Sweden is a small country but we purchased Bofors (which won kargil war against Pakistan.)

    However, when our country becomes a manufacturing country like US, France, Russia etc and will sell made in India war planes and all weapons to other countries undoubtedly it will be the day of proud for us all.

    Hope one day India will be among such countries.

    I feel proud of our scientists who have manufactured deadly missiles with advanced technology in India. We don't need to look at other countries to purchase missiles.

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    This is definitely a time to feel good and raise our heads with national pride. When we make our defences strong then it sends a message to the world and the enemies would retreat back. They will also go to increase their strengths proportionately. In the year 1962 we realised that our armed forces were not in good numbers as compared to the Chinese and then there was a renewed activity in army recruitment. Why should we wait for a war to happen to realise these small things. We should make our defence strong and then only the balance of power would prevail in the South East Asia. If we want people for defence sector then there are so many unemployed people who would like to join it. Finance is never a problem for defence sector. National security is the first priority.
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    True the day becomes a historical day in our history. India's policy says our country's safety will first in any situation. Even before this many steps are taken by the government for National security. Yesterday. I was sitting in my living room while watching the news when Rafel was welcomed by Home minister Amit Shah and PM Mr. Modi. We all had new hope for the Indian security system. Rafale is one of the major fighter instrument of the world and it will surely help our air warriors in protecting the country
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    Congress party has put some questions, I hope that knowledgeable members will give logical answers so that doubts about this deal might be gone into thin air.

    1: The deal was signed for 126 planes after taking IAF into confidence, why number of planes were reduced to 36 instead of 126

    2: Why the contract was transferred to Ambani group from HAL.

    3: Why the price of the plane was changed from 526 crore to 1670 crore

    4: Why the clause of 'transfer of technology' was removed from the deal.

    Are all these allegations merely false allegations to change this deal into a big scam?

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    True. This is a real morale booster to Indian Military Forces. The weapons they have are not modern and this will add the strength to the military weapons in India. Now India will be safer and neighbouring countries also think twice before taking any decision.
    Congress party is having many doubts on this deal. Many questions they have and they never believed the answers given by the government. They moved the Supreme Court also and the court cleared that there are no doubts in the deal. At this stage, the Congress party should stop such issues and concentrate on other issues.

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    It's a moment of pride for the armed forces guarding our borders but as a nation, the moment of pride will be that moment when the country becomes self-sufficient and free from internal conflicts. Modern weaponry is very important for the defence of a country and India is increasing its capability in terms of it. It is quite encouraging and we need more such in the coming days. The first lot of Rafale has arrived and more to follow within the next couple of months.

    Arafatuzzafar @#705944, the Congress party has raised some questions and it started to question the deal since the beginning. It went to the apex court and the court cleared the deal putting an end to all these questions. You can say it's the job of the opposition to question such deals all the time and the questions asked by the party is nothing new in nature.


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    Yes, I too agree, as noted by some of you that the real moment of pride for the country will be when we are able to manufacture such exceptional weaponry of our own. As you all are aware, the country is already working in that direction. We have achieved a lot in the field of space by sending a mission to Mars and twice to the moon. In the missile front too, the achievement is huge considering that missiles like Agni can travel thousands of kilometres into enemy territory and destroy targets. On the aircraft front, our achievements are, however, limited. Our only achievement has been the Tejas, after 3 decades of work, but even the Tejas has lot of borrowed technology. A long way to go for us to develop a warplane like the Rafale. It will be a moment of glory then.
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