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    Losing the Diamond level - A mild warning from ISC to show consistency!

    Yesterday I was recalculating my points and to my surprise it prompted me that my Diamond level has changed and now I am a Gold member. I am well aware that my performance index in ISC was quite low quite for some time due to personal reasons and the recent A thread A day challenge contest brought me back to the fold. For the last 30 days, I have scored 216 points and felt happy that the scoreboard is moving. The downgradation to Gold level was not expected and even undigestable. I know how I struggled to reach the Diamond level and it took 9 months for me to achieve it from my date of joining i.e 5th Oct'2013.

    Now the point hunt is necessary to gain back the Shield and put on hold the idea of quitting ISC (due to personal reasons) because one should retire or quit with grace!
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    Sometimes our personal priorities force us to concentrate and focus in other jobs and we cannot attend to our passion or interest but such situations sometimes come in our lives and we have to honour them. At the same time it is good to note that you have already covered a good deal during the 15 days hectic forum posting spree and I hope that you would soon meet the target with your member contributions as well as editorial assignments. Looking forward to your posts and contributions in coming times and all the best and good luck to you.
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    We have to work consistently on this site if we are really interested to maintain our level. The system is designed like that. Once you achieved a level you can't be there forever based on your past glory. You have to be working continuously to retain your level. As a lead Editor, the author knows this pretty well. But maybe due to other pressing demands he sidelined this activity. But bouncing back for him is not a difficult proposition and soon he will be back to his original level. I hope he will be again getting into the Diamond level and be maintaining there and may go to the next level shortly. I wish him all the best.
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    It may not be possible for us to maintain the same level of performance all the time for various reasons but we all wish to excel. When we get a chance we put in a lot of efforts to attain the same level and after that, we move further to the next level. That is what has happened in your case. Keep contributing to various sections on a regular basis and soon you will reach that level. Being persistent will help you to reach another higher level too. I wish you all the best.

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    Achieving the Diamond level of membership and leaving ISC should surely not be related goals. Gaining the shield back should be a motivational goal in itself, and not because you want to leave and want to gain it before doing so. If you do leave, the shield is not going to adorn your profile page for long anyway, isn't it?
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    Patro I do understand that when we lose something achieved or snatched from our nose we feel it deeply and the hurt can be gauged. By losing diamond to gold is the natural process at ISC and it happened to me when I lost the platinum to diamond when I was away from the site for 8 months. But you have the niche to create good threads and also have the ability to respond well and thus regaining the past glory is possible within this year. Resigning from the site is the foolish thought and you have been regarded as the celebrated lead editor of this site and hence rejig yourself to find better place in the site.
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    Jagdish, leave alone putting on hold, just forget quitting ISC. When one has different tasks at hand and when he has to prioritise them, it is quite possible for one to think of leaving aside some tasks that fall low in the ladder so as to concentrate on the more important ones. But in the process, one must not feel down on seeing the things lower in the order of priority getting blurred. It becomes blurred or gathers dust, not because of your incapability but because you chose to ignore the same due to reasons of your own. So, in your case, you lost the diamond shield not because you were not capable of maintaining the same but because you did not put in efforts to hold on to it. And, all the more reason why you should not be feeling bad is that because you are aware of the membership level policies. So, let the points and levels take its own course, you remain with ISC and keep contributing as a member and also as an editor. Apart from the regular edits, I think your presence will be particularly demanded only while announcing a few awards or while assessing contests. Keep a few minutes apart and plan your schedule accordingly. Look out for the 25th hour. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    I suggest you go through my points and the cash I have earned from ISC (other than awards and prizes) in my eight years of association with this site and I am sure you will feel better. Many who joined later have scored and earned more than me but it is because they contributed more than me and I could not. So, diamonds will come and go, keep contributing as and when you can and be part of ISC and enjoy the satisfaction you gain as you pen down your thoughts beautifully. I hope you will regain the shield at the earliest. All the best!

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    I really wonder what is the calendar year for calculating the points to raise the levels after gold level? I can understand that gaining a level is as difficult as holding it.

    Regular work, calculative tasks, follow up are the basic needs, to be kept an eye on.

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    I have faced this to the reason being away from this site for a very long time. It is not that I have lost the shields, I have lost valid reasoning and discussions that happen every day on this site in the Forum section.
    Nadeem Naqvi

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    I do not know whether such concept of losing and gaining your membership level is there in other sites or not but it is an interesting proposition in the sense that it gives us an opportunity to fight back our level with renewed activity.
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    The point system and the membership level keeps on changing as per the policy that is stated in the guideline. You being a senior member and in the editorial team, You are more clear with the guidelines and rules of ISC. In the Help Topics where Points , the points to be noted about Membership Levels and Member Ranking is clearly explained. One needs to be consistent in the site and be participating in the forum or different section maintain their membership level. It has clearly stated that "If the points earned by a Diamond Level member in the last 12 months(1 year) is less than 2500, the member level will be changed to GOLD level." which may be in your case and hence you have transferred to the Gold level. If you continue to contribute as you are doing it now, You can regain your upper membership level as many member have gained.
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