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    Diplomacy and an astute persona grata

    Diplomacy is a tool used to get planning, proposal, demand accepted by opponent or other party by using all means and stratagem- by hook or by crook. A wily and pragmatic diplomat endowed with intelligence, shrewdness, unfumbleness, grit, guts, rhetoric skills is he who despite being wrong compels his opponent to accede to what he offers to him. In other words he knows how to befool others and interesting point is that the opponent who is fooled, sometimes, is well aware of being fooled but artificial bars erected around him makes him succumb to maneuvering of the diplomat.

    Diplomacy works at every level whether it's the matter of bitter relations between countries or business empires or even common people. A persona grata who has power, money, influential status is more likely to be advantageous and mostly succeed to get his mission completed.

    (My entry for TOW - Diplomacy)
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    Well said by the author. Diplomacy is required to get the things done in an amicable way and many good leaders are having expertise in it. One thing which is of paramount importance is that if a leader or administrator or the community head does it for the development of the community as well as nation then it is acceptable otherwise it has far reaching bad consequences for the country. So, the diplomatic qualities of the authorities is only useful if it is channelised in the correct paths. On the other hand if it is used in suppressing the opposite parties or facilitating the vested interests then it is a path to decay only and common people would suffer.
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    Agreed with you, there are two aspects of diplomacy, first on is diplomacy is a weapon which can harm anyone but one who harmed will never complain about it, and if we talk about another one then its a great quality which can make relations better to handle your love once. According to me being diplomatic is a big demand of today's time because maximum persons do not want to be straight forward to understand the situation, so make them understood in the way which they actually want, is called diplomacy.
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    After reading your contest entry, I felt like you are referring to the current tohubohu in Indian politics. The examples stated is about the ongoing MLA's shifting from the former ruling party to the ruling party without any confrontation but giving vague excuses that are understood by the party members and people. The party that has power, money, intelligence, rhetoric skills, power with concern department can expedient to what they want by coming what may. Many have understood the dirty game but when they have your file in front of them and you are not clean and always under the scanner, you succumb without capitulating. This is what you say that if you do not sit on your seat, a dog will come and sit. This is the very bad state of Indian politics and our opposition is still having Dog fights for power and seat whereas everything is being washed away from underground.
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    Nice explanation about the diplomacy. People who have the gift of talking pleasingly and who have the back of showing their bad deeds also as good things will shine definitely in this world. Diplomacy is a soft knife which never gives a chance to the sufferer to know that he is getting killed by that weapon. That much power this trait is having. But one can use this for the betterment of all without harming anybody also, All depends on the person in question. But these days many politicians use this for their progress and the downfall of the opposite person.
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