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    Proper nurturing is synonymous to diplomacy

    Let's consider the stage of childhood. One and all face diplomacy during childhood. It's the parents and other senior members who diplomatically behave while nurturing their child. The uniqueness of such diplomacy is its most selfless intention. It's next to impossible to raise a child without being a little diplomatic. All the little ones make a fuss while sleeping, eating, playing, waking up, during bath and dressing up or even going to school, but the parents and the guardians manage the tantrums very tactfully. Even teens are moody which have to be taken care of very tactfully or else it would hamper the boy/girl either emotionally, intellectually or both.

    Just imagine if our parents and other elders at home were not able to control their anger and desire, then they couldn't have nurtured us appropriately. It's necessary to be composed while parenting children. For an example: it's a common practice to tell the infants some stories or singing a lullaby and mildly caressing his/her eyes and cheeks will gradually make a child fall asleep even if he/she doesn't want to sleep. Diplomacy is an art in which every parent becomes an expert while rearing a child. Without such diplomacy, the parents would fail miserably. It will create an emotional gap between a kid and parents or with any other elderly members from childhood itself. Successful parenting is a reward of selfless diplomacy. Thus, such harmless diplomatic skill must be applied as and when required in upbringing a child.

    Henry A. Kissinger, a U.S. politician and diplomat, has rightly said: "Diplomacy: the art of restraining power." It is such a thought-provoking quotation. It's right for parents that if they do not reasonably use their strength and power, then they would never succeed in nurturing the generation next.

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    Interesting write up by the author. Parents have to be diplomatic in tackling the children. Most of the parents do that. But when I recall earlier times that is during our childhood parents were so rough and tough that we did not do anything wrong fearing their wrath and banging and beatings occasionally done on us. So, that time they were getting the results without being diplomatic.
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    Nice thread from the author as the childhood is the basic period for any person to learn many things and every things and thus the parents are alone responsible for this.
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    In the modern age diplomacy is required everywhere if one wants to sail smoothly. Whether it is upbringing of children, working with fellow beings, becoming a leader, running a business and many things alike, diplomacy is required everywhere. It is the common ingredient without which no recipe would work. Interesting thing about diplomacy is that people also like the diplomatic persons. No one likes the straight forward people. If you talk straight and pointedly, people would soon start avoiding you and you might become an unwanted person in the society.
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    Parents raise their children with love and care. They suss out the inner feelings of their children when the children are unable to express what they think or feel about happenings around them. Parents' plethora of love, sometimes, make their child as spoilt and he doesn't obey them and do contrary to what they say but notwithstanding they forbear all their sass and impudence.

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    At times, tackling a child can be very difficult and then parents diplomatically tackle them by keeping the suspense alive. It's a part of growing up and a tough task for the parents. Sending the kids to school by saying them something interesting about the activities inside school divert their attention somehow and they go to school. Diplomacy is helpful in tackling various situations and that's why the mediators play a very significant role to resolve a crisis. Everybody cannot be a mediator and one must possess the trait which is definitely a form of art.

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    Parenthood is a gift of happiness with responsibility and this is what we call the equivalent to nurturing a child in his initial age and making him responsible, capable, understanding, loving, etc that is learned from his first teacher their parent and school their home. It is known that children learn 80% of things between the age of 1-5 years which is when they are in the safe hands of their parents, grandparents, relatives and siblings. This is the time when they keenly observe and absorb everything that they see from them and keep in their mind. Everyone in the family thus must nurture them with great care which can be finely accomplished by a diplomatic approach. A parent is the first teacher from whom a child learns and it is the responsibility of every parent to teach the proper conduct, behavior, approach, responsibility, truth, handling situation and rising again after a fall which needs diplomacy and correct approach. A good entry from the writer for the month-end word contest
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    I agree. Parents should be diplomatic with their children when they are kids. It is to see that they will grow properly and learn the important aspects of life. Some times we will tell our kids some times which will act on their mind and start thinking correctly. It is with good intentions only. Instead of telling everything directly if we tell them more convincingly and with good examples, they will appreciate and understand. Diplomacy is the best tool for parents in bringing up their kids. I also used this technic when my sons were kids and not able to understand the facts.
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