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    Is a right decision to sending people their home state?

    Coronavirus is a very big problem for our world. it is spreading very quickly like networking. Scientist are still unable to find the vaccines for medicine for this. They are also not giving more detail about this virus. Only suggest some precaution to take to protect yourself.

    I want to say that suppose if any state is not affected by coronavirus and if the people are going to their home state then they can affect their state by coronavirus and this is going on in our country. I think sending people to their home state is really risky. We can say that it is another option for spreading this virus to every village of our country.I don't know why this decision is taken by government. So my question to everyone that why has Government taken this decision?
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    People are going to their home place by their choice due to fear of the pandemic and the Govt is only facilitating them to go and reach their homes safely. I do not think that Govt is asking anyone to leave the state and go to their village.
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    The author should note that the central government or the state governments never asked the people to go to their own state and it was Congress which raised the bogey of uncertain future and rattled by that people started moving to home state without even making any arrangements and thus we saw the out flux of thousands of people taking any kind of transport and even preferred to walk to their homes. And now the reverse migration is taking place as those who had been working with the builders and previous employers are being called back and even offered hiked pay much to the surprise of all.
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    First, we should not panic of coronavirus. We should take it easy as a normal disease now. Markets, government offices, court etc are opened. People are free to mingle as a crowd. Hardly anyone (including some of the police personnel) is seen caring about social distancing and wearing mask however, when I go out somewhere I use mask for the sake of protecting myself from getting infected. I don't cast my suggestions to people that they should follow guidelines prescribed by the government. What you can do when even chief minister , cabinet ministers and MLAs are tested positive of coronavirus.

    All the migrants have reached their home states now. I agree that they might have carried this virus with themselves to their native places though but now damage has already been done. These poor people had to leave cities because of facing starvation and serious threats for their survival.

    Small children, old people and patients of serious diseases need to take care much as they're prone to getting infected.

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    Today the corona epidemic has scared everyone so much that they do not understand what they should do, in such a time people often feel safe with their family this is the main reason why people are going to their hometown and in this case, the government can not do anything, I agreed with the author that this way will give a further boost to the epidemic but we are helpless here because now in India no state untouched by corona. We can't do anything but wait Until the vaccine prepare.
    So meanwhile we should give support to everyone also be safe and alert so that we can save our loved ones.

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    In the month of April and May we have witnessed the migration of the labours from the different places such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh etc from where the labours took their final decision to return to their native place in the wake of financial crunch. Their employers did not support them financially so that they could manage their expenses to support their families. Of course, the employers mostly the builders did not have further projects where they could absorb the labours. Situation changed later and now they have offers for them so that they could join in their own going projects. Labours faced a lot of inconvenience in such transitions apart from spreading corona virus in their native place due to their sufferings of this virus. So there was propagation of this virus in the remote villages as well due to their migration. Had the labours got support from either employers or the the state government for their maintenance for sometime, the situation could have been averted and the spread could not have reached to the alarming level being seen presently.

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    A well-raised point of people going to their home state at this pandemic situation which raises the question about spreading it everywhere. If we go through the report, every state is having or recorded the virus but it is controlled at some places like the ward, etc. Now the point to note is that many people do not have a job to keep going and many are finding it hard to get food and other help. The state and central government can help to some extent and after that, they need to find their way so they are finding it hard to stay at their current place without a job or work for more than 4 months. They feel that they may be safe and at least have minimum food to eat in their home than at the current place and thus prefer to go to their home state.

    Mohanji(#705918) commented that it was not the central government or the state governments but Congress who raised the bogey of an uncertain future to the people and updating thoughts in the mind of people to go to their home state without even making any arrangements. Can we say that the state and the central government was giving the much-needed aid to these migrants who complained of starving for days as they had no money to buy food? Why will people move out when they are getting the facilities? It is not that every migrant was in such a state and many were bogus. But many were suffering, when the state and central government were not listening to their plea, the congress party came forward to help them. It was not the time to play dirty politics when people are suffering but make genuine help reach them and then put forward the report in front of the opposition than even opposing when they wanted to help people, fearing their vote bank.

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    When we can not (Govt as well as the industrialists who have employed the workers) retain them at their working place due to lack of food or shelter or sympathy then they would naturally try to go to their home village or town in the shelter and warmth of their family and it is a natural human reaction. Govt has not asked them to go. There is a very big confusion in the minds of the people if they think that Govt has forced them to go. Some state Govt might have done this trick indirectly to reduce the load of maintaining the labour force but they may have also done it clandestinely. It is of course in a bad taste if anyone in authority had done so. The county feels ashamed of such people. Now when it is becoming clear that we have to live with this virus till cure is invented, the labour is coming back to their workplace and this time also Govt is not asking them to come here. They are coming for their livelihood. They want food for themselves and for their family waiting for money every month from their salaries.
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    No government asked the migrant workers to leave their places. It is the decision of the migrant workers to go back to their own home states because of fear of deadly corona and non earning for their living. Governments helped them by providing free food during the lockdowns.

    I would say that the government should have acted wisely in advance by sparing days for the people to return home safely before announcing a date for lockdown. There should have been a gap of one week to allow the people to take shelter. Nothing would have happened if the lockdown was delayed for 10 days.

    What to do? The government also not aware of the ill effect of Corona.

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    I agree with all of you, but I am thinking that government can stop the people in their working state by providing food and other facilities. Government had broken the lock down. So people migrated easily from one state to another state with corona virus and due to this mistake now many person of his and her family suffering from coronavirus.

    Government has power to stop every person of this country for their health and they can provide food facilities also.

    The facility and arrangement are not good in villages. There is no mutual understanding between the people about this virus. People do not want to stay at home quarantine.

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    A small correction. They are not sent by Governments but by seeing their intention to move out of the working place to native on the fear of epidemic the Government helped them to move there. Besides these arrangements, some people moving with family members by walking, by lorries, cycles, and two wheeler without any e-pass anything. Their fear and worry makes them to do so. No body is driving as they themselves come to place for employment and they now intending move out.

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    Generally, people in their own village can live happily with a little bit of food or water that whatever available with them. On the other hand, they are not able to get a livelihood in cities and towns as before Carona Virus prevailed. Their position is to become a pinpoint questions to their daily living. In such situations, some state governments came before by feeding them. Now, the governments are not in feeding them as this virus end up is not estimated by anyone. So, they gave a chance to such people to reach their home places by satisfying their wishes. It may be the reason. Lockdown has protected the people to some extent, but, at the same time, people are to be aware even unlocks have been started.
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    There are two important points in this matter.
    1. Why migrants came to a new place while leaving their native places? They did it with the hope that they can earn better in a new place where there are chances. In their migrated place they are able to manage. Meanwhile, this Corona problem developed. They are not able to manage even food without a job in the lock-in period. Unfortunately, they are not able to survive in a new place without any income. Hence they thought they have to go back to their native places. Here the State Government or the Central Government never asked them to go to their native place. They even arranged some help to stay back. But when they see these people are somehow not in a mood to stay back they were sent by arranging some way of transportation, So there is no mistake of the government.
    2. Coronavirus spread very much. There are many reasons for that. Not because of this migrants. The governments are forced to open the wine shops which is a source of income for them. Still, I feel that is the main reason for the spreading of the Virus. People never cared for their health even and even never worried about the virus and thought that having a drink is the topmost priority for them.
    So I think migrants issue is not the main worry.

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