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    Individually we are excellent but collectively we fail

    It is many times seen that some people are extra ordinary brilliant and capable to do things in best possible ways but when they work inside a system their efficiencies and effectivenesses go down significantly and they start criticising the system and start fighting and confronting with others especially with higher ups in the management or administrative ladder. Is it so that our systems are so bad that even talented people cannot survive there? What do the members think about this? How can these things can be improved in our country? Please share your experiences and opinions.
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    The point raised by the writer is very valid not only in our country but in many other countries. The same is seen in many governmental and private organizations, company or institutes. The talent in our country is very much filled in every individual and are good in their respective field but when they have to perform in the group, they are pressurized, nobbled and even denigrated from the back that demoralizes them. Many talented people are left their job or position due to such situations that are scripted or created by some people in the group that cannot be sustained by true individuals and their performances tumble with passing days. As time flies, the confidence and capability starts diminishing and lastly seen in the result. If proper understand and good leadership people are in the right job or post, they will be able to capitalize on the potential of talented, skillful people and this will give the correct upliftment to the individual in every sector.
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    Rightly said by the author. In offices and departments there are people at the high level who are well versed to bring in good work culture and create good environment to work together and achieve success. But down the line of working hierarchy if the performing people are not posted , the work is going to suffer for want of right people at the right post. What is the use of higher post having good manager and there are none to take the work responsibility down the line and thus the company and the employees gets the bad name .So the team leader has to chose the best team members for continued work with result oriented.
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    But collectively we should be able to do a better job. All depends on the team leader and team members. We read a story in which all the birds trapped in a net could fly and lift the net in which they are trapped. By doing that they can save their lives from the hunter. This they could do because of the Idea given by their leader and all the birds could use their energy for a single purpose.
    But we observe due to personal interests and egos all members of the team will never focus their energies on a common goal. They will try to device other group members for their benefits. Some group leaders also discriminate between the team members and they never use the members in the areas where they are good and can deliver goods.
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    Extra brilliant people can't work under other people because they want to carry out their work/assignment/mission as per their own roadmap - either physically or mentally without any external interference. They have their own modus operandi which might be contradicted by others while working as a team. Corruption, exploitation, compromise, partiality, hatred, unconducive ambience, duress, undue pressure, bossism etc or any other reason might influence their performance.

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    I would say the situation depends on the type of work culture the majority prefers in an organization. If the majority of them are serious and focus on the development of the organization efficient workers hardy face such problems. But when the majority of the workforce thinks only of their own development without thinking about the organization the efficient people find it hard to tackle. Another problem can occur with the perfectionists. Perfectionists prefer everything to be perfect which is not always possible. Sometimes, a trade-off may be required in certain situations. A person having exceptional skills and equally perfectionist finds it difficult to work with others. She/he can think that the work can be managed well without the help of others and at times may feel suffocated in the organization. The overall work culture in government offices in our country is not encouraging. Many in the service lack the sense of accountability and ready to pass the buck to others.

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    Both have there owned importance to do individually and collectively, it depends on the situation and demand of the time. There many ways to fulfill works we are the one who has to decide which way we want to prefer.
    If I don't have any idea about doing any specific work then definitely I will not allow me to do it individually but yes at the same time If I have a lot of experience in this then I would prefer to work.
    I think the main difference is that when we perform individually then we know that only I will be the responsible for the result and while working collectively then sometimes we confused or disagree with someone ....many factors are involved in the collective system so it may a reason that people want to prefer Individually first.

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