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    My experiment with Grammarly!

    Yes, you read the title right. It's not my experience with Grammarly but an experiment that I performed today. We read articles and news online and many of you might have noticed a few errors in them. There are spelling mistakes as well as grammatical errors and you will notice them if you read them minutely. A paragraph or a particular part of the article might be such that you can automatically guess what may be the next word and just by seeing the first two letters of the word you go to the next word. This is not advisable but at times we do such things. I was reading one such interesting article published online by a reputed daily in India about writing skills. There were five to six small paragraphs with a heading where many things were discussed. In one paragraph, it was described how MS Word fails to differentiate between the two words lose and loose, both having a different meaning, in a sentence, and recommended the use of the tool Grammarly. I haven't found any error in them but very curious to check whether the tool Grammarly can point out any errors. I pasted a few paragraphs in Grammarly and to my surprise found red underlined words in those paragraphs. The alerts were for punctuation and grammatical errors. The errors were minor that we generally do not notice but, still, you call an error an error. Isn't it?
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    Grammarly is a good English checking tool. It helps us to write good English with the right punctuation and spellings. But at times, Grammarly behaves differently with English that we follow.

    For e.g: If I write Sun, Moon and stars... Grammarly would write it as Sun, Moon, and stars. A comma before the word 'and' is not necessary. Similarly, if I write Sun and Moon, but the stars... Grammarly would write it as Sun and Moon but the stars. It will remove the Comma before the word 'but'.

    Also, Grammarly would write colour as colour, behaviour as behavior, It has some problem with iou.

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    Grammarly is a helpful tool providing you suggestions while typing.
    Underlining the errors makes it easy for us to understand that there is an error.
    In my case, while typing my mind is on sprint and hands are lagging behind to coop with the brain. Many times I have errors and Grammarly is very helpful.
    The English grammar being used by Grammarly is in US format, while we Indians are in habit of using the British system of English language.
    Mostly if you all have noticed that Grammarly emphasis on using of articles. There are many places wherein we are not required to emphasis but Grammarly suggests us to do it, I have a suggestion for the new users, stick to your system of grammar and don't get carried away by the suggestion of Grammarly. Only use Grammarly for spelling errors or other small issues.

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    As told by the author the Grammarly stands as the best tool to correct each and every sentence with best grammar on line and thus our writing would be complete.
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    Everyone who is using the Grammarly tool for checking their content submitted at ISC should set it to UK English and not the USA one. We have informed members about it.

    Also, we've had many discussions in our forum on the validity of the corrections made by Grammarly and have informed members not to be wholly relying on it. The tool is not human and will not be able to think of the context used. Some words will be accepted by it as logical, too, such as yarn, when actually we meant yawn. As for punctuation, yes, I also am quite confused with Grammarly's corrections.

    Coming to the query asked at the end of this thread's text - indeed, an error is an error and it needs to be rectified, but with due thought and care (as per the aforementioned pointers), not making it any more of an erroneous mess.

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    Sometimes. some corrections suggested by Grammarly may appear not correct. Then what I do is I will not go by my sentence or the corrections suggested by Grammarly. I will change that sentence and rewrite so that I am happy and Grammarly is also happy. I set Grammarly to UK English only but nor US English.
    I agree with the author that error is an error and we have to correct the error. But in that attempt, we should not do another mistake. So it is always better to check and decide which is correct.
    But Grammarly is a very good tool to improve our language and writing skills.

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    Grammarly is an important tool to detect the mistakes even if it is the minor one. I think attaching too much importance to this tool may disrupt your flow of writing. The best way would be to have your confidence in your writing skill. Grammarly is recently introduced tool being adopted in for the correction of errors but recall up the old instructions dictated by our teachers while writing English.
    While studying in class nine, I was impressed with her style of narration where once she told me not to use then, if use is being used at the first word in the sentence. Likewise, there were other instructions as well and such minor instructions helped me a lot while writing.

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    Grammarly is good. If we commit 20 percent mistakes in spelling and punctuation, it will help to reduce it to 5 percent. Let us not fully rely on Grammarly. Let us use our CS tool also.
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    Grammarly can be a first level check. (I use the free version only). It is not fool proof and we need not be over dependent on it. I had observed and learned this after I got cheated a few times when I fully believed and depended on it earlier for some period. It is good for punctuations and correcting space.
    Nowadays I check with MS word only as I find it more convenient. I have certain issues with my system which I am not able to solve and it creates some problems. As slowing down of faculties naturally set in gradually due to age, errors may creep in even when and where we never imagine.
    So it now necessitates that even after using the tools again we have to review after posting is published. Sometimes we do it sometimes we forget or skip it in hurry.

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    I am using this tool most of the times especially for my longer write ups and finding a lot of mistakes and errors in my writing especially articles, commas, spellings, order of words, unnecessary spaces, and many such things and it happens more when I write with speed and momentum flowing with my narrations and ignoring the small errors here and there as I know that there is a tool which would help me to eliminate all those errors in a few minutes. In nutshell you can save some time out of the whole exercise.

    If you write a piece of writing slowly and also go on correcting it in the process than for a 100 words post it takes on an average about 15-20 minutes including the final revision time. But if you write it in a speed it takes hardly 6-8 minutes and using Grammarly takes another 4-6 minutes making the total as 10-15 minutes and then in each post you save about 5 minutes. For a person who submits 4000 to 6000 posts in a year it is a saving of around 350 to 500 hours per year. Is not that a good amount of time you are gaining with Grammarly?

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    I am using this tool only for my articles and stories where the text is longer and chances of errors creeping in are more. For small posts and answers or group discussions I do not need it as checking before submitting is sufficient.
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