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    What happens to the old alerts?

    A couple of days ago, the number of Alerts shown for my various inputs, including pending or approved articles was something like 1700 and odd alerts.

    And just this morning, the fantastic number of Alerts is mentioned as 45!!

    Now, what has happened to the old alerts? It was one sure method of seeing my old articles. But today, am afraid I cannot do it. Members who know what has happened to alerts, that is, their alerts, may please record their knowledge.

    And of course, Saji Sir can possibly help me understand the process.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    The Alerts feature was introduced in October 2008. As per my knowledge and what I had checked out at my own Dashboard from time to time, the number of alerts totally across the various sections is a maximum of 25 per page. I think also that there is a maximum limit and anything beyond that automatically goes off the radar. For me, it shows up to 11 pages, 272 alerts. Since you are active in both the forum and the articles' section, I suggest that you regularly delete all other alerts if you wish to retain the alerts of previous articles. However, even in that case, the number will be limited. I doubt you can see alerts of articles of the time when you first started submitting them.

    As you may already know, but mentioning this anyway - a good way of checking out old articles is just to go to the scoreboard and check from there (you can even select a month and year from the calendar) or go to the articles' section and check under the list of 'My Articles'.

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    I do not keep the alert messages. After reading the alert message I delete it on a daily basis. So, my alert page remains empty.
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    In my case the alert is not getting deleted and kept staying and that should not be the case. When there is delete option for single alert or all, then why it is not getting deleted.
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    I am having the habit of removing the alerts after I go through them. I am not very active in the articles section. So my alerts will be more about Ask Experts answers and sometimes regarding forum section. I don't need them to keep for long. So I have never had any such doubt.
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    Alerts are there to alert you whether it is of your new post or old one. When you got the alert and take necessary action like if the article is in the pending section taking remedial actions suggested by the editor, it never remains an alert. As suggested by Vandana Ma'am @ #705949, you may delete the alerts on a regular basis and may get all your articles under My Articles in the Articles section.

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    I check alerts on a daily basis and read through, take necessary action, then I will delete all. If the action is incomplete only then it stays for one or two days.
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    I am surprised that there were 1700 alerts in your My Alerts category.
    There is a provision to delete the alerts. I generally do not allow more alerts to accrue. Just a few days ago, I cleared all the alerts. This helps me to see if any new alert is displayed. Some months before, I failed to notice an alert (about a pending AE answer) in relevant time and that resulted in much inconvenience to me.
    I think there is an automated (or manual?) system to 'clean' old alerts periodically. I had observed alerts page becoming slim or clean sometimes.

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