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    Is it the right time to remove all the welfare schemes in India?

    In India most of the budget allocations are going towards unproductive sides like welfare schemes and making the people lazy. We can remove all the welfare schemes and retain just old age pension schemes. During the election time, competitions are going on between different political parties for increasing the pension amount and reducing the pension eligibility age. If we look at different states, they are introducing doles to different communities depending on the percentage of their population in the state for gaining votes. If we continue like this, India may not develop even after 1000 years.
    During Covid-19 pandemic time, we realised that we don't have proper medical infrastructure to protect our citizens. Our Defence budgets and technologies are also not matching with our neighbours. Since different countries are trying to move out of China, it is the best time for India to stop all the welfare schemes and pump all the money towards development side. Members, what do say?
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    You say right that these schemes and subsidies make people lazy and some times it also becomes a reason for increasing unemployment. But as every situation has two faces, so here we can see that there are many people in India who still does not have proper houses to live they don't have a meal on daily basis and so on.......... there are many health and financial issues are still in society So if all of the sudden government stopped to providing some subsidies then it may increase the problems of their lives but yes I think the government should allow scheme as per their economic background.
    Reservation is a big issue in all states of India and it seems unfair when the person who already getting enough amount and facilities to live and still they are getting benefits from this kind of scheme. The government should provide a study facility to them who do not have enough money to get study and should not apply reservations in job posts.
    Here change is required is that country should reduce welfare schemes and should provide only them to whom it's actually needed and also invest a sufficient amount of money in development. It's not only about country's development infect every citizen should be developed.

    Swati Sharma

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    While we are running short of funds and the government is unable to generate money due to lockdown, it is essential that we should stop all the welfare schemes except the free ration and old-age pensions. All the new welfare projects planned for this year also should be scrabbed until we become financially strong.

    One should not try to eat Biriyani while he hasn't got money to pay for a gruel (Kanji).

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    A very good thought by the author. All doles and helps should be stopped and funds should be used for some constructive purposes. Otherwise also the middle men and officials are looting the money on the way. What reaches the poor is only the tip of the iceberg. Now what is the alternative to help the poor? We have to create jobs for them. Let them realise that food is not free. There is deficiency of rain water storage tanks in the villages and towns. Let them dig it and have their wages in the evening. There are many jobs which can be got from them. Giving food free to anyone poor or not poor is a crime which we should avoid doing. Food should be available only against work or job. Poor should have right to job and not right to food.
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    Providing reliefs in the name of poverty is more or less erosion of money which could have utilised in the areas of defence, education, strengthening the infrastructure and health care. If we go by the statistics, the condition of health care is deplorable since most of the population living in the villages don't have enough money to purchase the common medicines prescribed by the doctors in case same is not available in the local dispensaries. Infrastructure facilities are still in the horrible condition in the sense that road connectivity between villages and towns are not up to mark requiring further improvement for better facilities.
    Diversion of funds invested in food and other subsidies would be the appropriate solution. A thorough survey needs to be carried out to identify the wastages of foods in the name of rationing. There are reports that rice distributed through the rations find its way in the ration - shops as a result of selling the same by the beneficiaries.

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    How can the welfare schemes be stopped which are aimed at to serve the deserved and the poor people. On any given day we can see people standing on the queue at the ration shops for the free rice or wheat announced by the central government till November this year. When the successive governments cannot able eradicate the poverty and the section of poor people living across the country with just one square meals a day, that is alarming and therefore any welfare scheme stoppage or discontinue would be very suicidal and against the poor people and the govt has to give the freebies.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The welfare scheme means unnecessary expenditures for publicity and gain.
    For example, Should we provide free computers and cycles to the students during this pandemic?

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    Welfare schemes are widely misused than they are used. To quote an example, I have heard that in Andhra Pradesh rich persons, who own cars, transfer the registration of the vehicles into their sons' name so as to get the Old age pension of Rs. 2,250 given by the AP Government. AP Government spends a whopping Rs. 1,384 crore every month on all types of pensions. Is it justifiable to give pensions in the name of communities?

    I understand that there are lot of people, who cannot meet their ends daily but instead of giving freebies it is better to provide work. We might have seen in many movies, when a person asks a beggar if the beggar is willing to work, he will provide the job. Here, I need not to mention the answer given by the beggar.
    So, once people are adapted to easy life, they won't try to work hard and give lame excuses to escape from the work.

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    I agree with the author and it is a real problem our country is facing in the present days. Giving free money as a welfare measure based on the caste of the individual may be stopped. Even some pensions are being given based on caste. That is also to be stopped. Only old age pensions can be given irrespective of their caste-based on their financial status to all the old people may be given. Otherwise, the whole that is collected by the government may go for these welfare schemes and pensions only. Instead of giving free food show a way to the public to earn their food. But in our country to get votes all political parties always try these schemes only to get the votes from the people. This is making the country to suffer a lot and some people are getting lazy also. If any political party can scrap all the schemes and make everybody to work for their livelihood, there will be a tremendous development in the country and our country will be one of the leading countries in the world. Let all of us wish and hope for the same.
    always confident

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    No animal on this earth gets free food except the younger ones, which are fed by their mother. Every animal works hard to get its food. So, for human beings also, there should not be any concept of free food or any thing that is free. Politicians in the name of doles make us to depend on them. If everyone says no to freebies, corruption will automatically go away. So, consciousness should come from within us.

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    No, it is not right because India is a poor country and many are still living below the poverty line. Actually, welfare schemes are required for the welfare of the poor and marginalized to uplift their condition. Because of the many welfare schemes of the government, the poor are getting free treatment in government hospitals. Welfare schemes and doles cannot be equated. Dole is there for appeasing a certain section in a society which is used as a tool by politicians to garner votes. The welfare schemes are completely different and every government must think of the welfare of its citizens.

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    As society will have some underprivileged people always, welfare schemes are necessary. It is the duty of any government to take care of the three basic essentials of its citizen namely Food shelter and clothing. Everyone should have these three for the minimum necessity. If they themselves are not able to have it, then the government should provide them. However the people should be encouraged and enabled to work and earn to sustain themselves and not to depend on doles all time. For this there should be sufficient employment opportunities and government should ensure minimum wages or earning. Then there should be facilities for affordable health care and education.
    I think any doles beyond this will make people lazy and only yearn and demand more for free doles.
    They may then be a burden on others who work hard and earn and contribute to the taxes and revenue. This will naturally create a feeling of disenchantment amongst honest and hard working people.
    Work culture should be encouraged. Honest dealings should be encouraged.
    Political parties have made free doles a sure constituency for earning votes. Each day one part excels other in promising such doles. Hence the real deserving is not getting the benefits. Except in a minor fraction the welfare schemes are now feeding corruption, nepotism, political favouritism and power centres. It is not proper to stop welfare schemes, but they should be limited to the three essential need and affordable health care and education only. People should be provided job and it should be endured that people become self reliant and mandated that they repay back the welfare support they received to other needy in the society.

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    The fact is that our governance and administration is very poor and we are not able to provide the jobs to the people either in the agriculture areas or the urban areas and due to that every Govt in our country resorted to free ration and facilities to the poor people. On the surface it looks very rosy but beneath it lies the biggest danger of making the people dependent on the Govt food and subsidies and their own will to struggle and progress ahead is strangulated.

    India has vast scope for industrialisation and infrastructure development and we can engage all our poor people in work if the governance is good and honest. When we make a flyover do not make it for todays use but make it 10 times longer for a futuristic scenario. Everywhere if we think big a lot of jobs would be generated. Money was never a problem and it is the excuse given by the administrative machinery that there are no funds. If there are no funds then how are you revising the pay of the all the Govt servants every 8-10 years? That is a big exchequer going out in paying to most of the inefficient people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Free schemes, mainly welfare schemes are a must for poor people to face their situation during health emergencies or any other type of situation, such as floods, earthquake etc., In fact, the situation is contrary to the actual situations. That means a person who can capable to live happily to do job and he can give hope to his family by giving a secure life. At that time, if the government provides any free scheme to enhance the laziness in him. Then it is against the principle of existence for the life of human beings. Human sources are to be used in providing work for money to feed the family. But, without work, money comes then what is the use of money? Does it provide value in a person about living with their family? So, the author's message is correct. Giving loans to farmers and small business people with low interest is admittable as it improves the working capability and productivity. But, directly giving money is no solution to their professional development. Instead, if they are given skills in putting beneficial crops, then automatically, the farmers would be happy with their economic situation.
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    In some cases, we cannot distinguish between welfare schemes and doles. In my state, we have pension schemes for toddy tappers, cobblers, etc. Now tell me, is that a welfare scheme or dole?
    The welfare schemes are having some resemblance with the farmer-middlemen relationship. The farmer never gets uplifted in his life. The same is the case with the poor, who will never get uplifted through welfare schemes. It is only through jobs, they will get uplifted.
    If we just provide welfare schemes to the poor for their survival, we are wasting our human resources. We are not getting any productive work from them.

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    The free or subsidised ration, subsidies, free food, and many other doles which the poor or restitutes are getting in our country were started by the earlier Govt and is going on for so many decades and whoever now removes it, would face the wrath of the poor.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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