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    Dreams - Our past of future

    We have been hearing different beliefs about dreams from our childhood, there is hardly anyone who does not have dreams. So I also asked many people why do we dream at night when we sleep and sometime in day time also when we nap.

    We always believe that our dreams related to both Science and Spirituality.
    Finally I got two common answers for my question why do we dream, and these are -
    The first one is there are some people who say dreams of are what we thought anytime in our life.
    On the other hand some people believe that dreams are to giving a hint about your future life.

    I agree with the first one because most of my dreams are related to my past but I can't deny second one belive also. Members share your opinions about dreams.
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    I was just now discussing with a elder that we should die with memories and not with just dreams . Dreams are the fantasies of life and some times we do dream the reality to happen and that seldom happens. But when we achieve something in the life, and that becomes the memory and if things happen to our lives often and that will becomes memories and that can be re-winded again and again. Some times our deep dreams of the past can also happen to be the reality if we try to work on the same dream achievement. Nevertheless all the dreams doe not come true it is just to cherish the moment.
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    We will be thinking about some issues during day time and before sleeping we may be thinking about those issues. Even when we are sleeping also our mind may be working on that issue. That may result in a dream.
    Sometimes the dreams may give some hint on some important happening in our lives. Many people told me about this aspect and they narrated their experiences.
    Some people say that some of their past events which they have forgotten may come in their dreams.
    Early morning dreams may come true. This is another belief many people have. In my case also one or two times I have dream regarding some happenings in my life. They happened as per that dream.
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    Both views are accepted but generally what we see in dream is the reflection of what we experience and observe with our open eyes in our lives.

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    In Psychology we have studied that the dreams are the reflections of the subconscious mind and any thought logical or bizarre can come in our dreams and it is not possible to relate it logically to anything directly in our lives. Some scholars believe that dreams could be interpreted after analysing the psychology and behaviour of an individual and could be mapped with the unfulfilled desires and aspirations. Researchers are continuously doing newer research work in this area and more ideas would be coming forward with those studies about dreams, their origin, and interpretation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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