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    Is it right to erect statue for the living celebrities?

    Statues are the monument for the deads. Unknowingly people erect statues and worship their living leaders. I think it is wrong to create statues for the living people and garlanding the statues. In Tamilnadu, a guy has constructed a temple for Modi and performing pooja regularly.

    Is it right? Your good comments, please.
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    We are a country of devotional people and sometimes this devotional attitude is carried out of the way. I have even heard of temple of superstar Rajanikant in south India. It is beyond my understanding that how people can worship a living human being? I am in fact of opposite opinion for worshipping living spiritual Gurus.
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    In India, people believe more in hero worship. Some people think their heroes are next to God or even equal to God. In Tamilnadu, a temple to a celebrity was constructed and they do daily worships there. The statue there in that temple belongs to a celebrity who is presently visible on Small Screen. Many people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana keep the photo of NTR in Krishna role in their pooja room thinking that he is the real Krishna. Such is the innocence of these people.
    I feel statues of living people can also be there but they should not be garlanded. In AP and Telangana we see many statues of Chandra Babu Naidu and KCR. They are both alive now. The main problem is that these statues are not being maintained properly and if these celebrities happen to see that condition of those statues they never feel happy for having their statue there.

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    You mean worshipping living legends is taboo but worshiping dead-legends is not.

    Hero worshipping is a cult which's the ramification of extreme love and admiration changed into devotion. It's entirely personal matter of individuals. What you believe is fair in your sight but it may be not fair in their sight and vice versa. They erect statues of their living heroes and worship them because it's all fair in love and devotion for them.

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    Sure, it is not fair to erect statues of living legends. As some of you have already reasoned that it is more due to the hero-worship culture that is prevalent in our country and some others too. But if we see the other way around, even Arafatuzzafar is correct with his reasoning that it is someone's own will and wish when he should erect a statue for his/her living legend. After all what fun is there for the living legend if it is erected after his/her demise. These days, we even have statues of popular personalities in wax museums. So I think it is okay to have such wax replicas of our living legends.
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    You reminded me of something with wax replicas. Just because of the availability of wax replicas, our WM Tony John could take a photograph with former US President Barack Obama. Image attached.

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    Wow, surely a nice one. Thanks, for sharing it with us. Very difficult to believe it is a replica and not the real Obama.
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    Erecting statues and worshipping them, I feel are two different things. What we worship are in fact miniature images or representations that are known as idols. I don't think anyone will worship a statue. A statue is a piece of sculpture carved or moulded which resembles a person or animal and is usually lifesize. Statues are generally erected to commemorate or glorify events or in memory of some well-known personalities. While I agree with the author that erecting statues of living personalities appears to be funny and illogical, the act of worshipping them, if someone is actually doing it, is mere foolishness and either indicates one's level of ignorance or unbridled sycophancy.
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    It is really funny to do so. It looks ridiculous to statue a person before his or her death. Some people become blind in their devotion and love for other person and in that excitement do such silly things.
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    There is nothing wrong to erect statue and offer prayers to whom we have much liking as that person captured our thought process and matches to our dream of future leader too. In Jangaon district of Telangana a person has constructed temple for US President Trump and he does the puja for the deity daily without fail. Many media persons asked him as to what attracted him to construct the temple in the honor of US President, he simply said that for the first time he has seen the turf President for the US and his actions taken so far needed the guts and energy to prove US super power.
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    For me, making statues of celebrities is not a good idea ever. We have been always given importance to making statues of God and also our martyrs, I don't know Why should people want to make celebrity statues.
    We all are here in this world for some ambitions and all are working hard to fulfill it so why celebrities become so important while they are also living a normal life just doing what they want to do. Why make statues of them whether they alive or not.

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