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    Benefits from old products when buying new

    We often see advertisements online and in the print media about brands enticing people to buy their products with a discount if they bring in an old similar product and are willing to give discounts even for non-working models. Sometimes they may insist that the old one should be of the same brand, but many nowadays will talk about exchanging for any brand. Most such discounted bargains will be for kitchen appliances such a mixie, a pressure cooker, a pan, a toaster, etc. You may also get discounts on laptops, printers, televisions, and other electronic products. Some e-commerce sites offer a discount of Rs.500/- on the old smartphone provided it is still in working condition.

    Have you benefited with such exchanges for home or office products?
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    Here I wish to state one thing. Before going to buy a new one under exchange offer, we should keep in mind confirming that the old one can whether be repaired at the cost of exchange. It is true that the repairing people normally advise us to go for a new one by pointing out the exchange offer. The main reason of repairing the old one is the quality of the same make available now is not up to the mark. We bought a ceiling fan of a renowned brand in 1984. (Still it is in good working condition.) When we shift the house as the house owner already installed fans in the rooms, we kept the bought fan idle in the loft. When we shift to another house we need one more fan for a room. My brother suggested to buy two fans new by exchanging the old one. My co brother who casually came for our help while shifting the house suggested not to sell the old one as it is more good than the present available model of same and same make. When we buy one more additional fan similar range and brand we noted the difference as our old one is very strong and good than a new one.
    To the possible extent we should keep the old one and if no other go, we can sell the old one.

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    I have been hearing this one for a long time. Still, now, I haven't tried about it. In online mode, so many advertisements on smartphones particularly about the discount on handling the old smartphones. But, there are many constraints on exchange of mobile phones. To exchange the phone, the bill of the phone and warranty of it is required sometimes to give to the boy who takes it from us. Generally, after some time, the bill might not be at us so as to give it to the boy. Perhaps, such examples may have happened in other products such as home appliances and office products. If there is a thought to exchange the product in future, one must keep the bill and warranty card at them for exchange offers.
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    Once I gave my old smartphone and got Rs.1000/- reduction on the new phone. That is an online purchase and when the new one is delivered, I have delivered the old one to the company through the same delivery boy. I feel it is better to dispose of old items when we are purchasing a new item.
    Once when I am going for a new refrigerator the agent offered me Rs.3000/- discount in the exchange of old fridge. This is not the offer given by the company but the agent in Hyderabad has taken that old item and gave me the discount.
    Some people keep all old items also and their house will be full of packed old items. Their house will become a museum after some time and it is very difficult for the housewife to maintain cleanliness. If we don't dispose of the
    old items and keep them without using, they will get rusted and we may have to sell that as scrap.
    If you are not selling or exchanging the old items you can give it to them some of your people like your Servant maid or dobhi or driver so that they will feel happy.

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    It is a big deal to pester us to return the old products. They just polish it, make minor repairs and resell at heavy discounts as second-hand products. Some send it back to the factory. I did not buy any product on such a discount basis. Usually, I heard more demand for a pressure cooker and mixes in these sales techniques.
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    I did not buy any product apart from gold,in an exchange offer, as we have many members in our home so mostly when anyone buys something new we all decided what would be with the old one. When I got my first android mobile I gave old one simple set to my younger sister and she was very happy to take it generally we share our old products with family but yes when my uncle gets new TV that time we gave the old one to our maid.
    But one important item that is "Gold" which is not always but mostly brought by exchange old one.

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    I live in a suburban city Rampura and do not get such types of offers. But I always exchange my old items with the shop owner to whom I purchase the new appliances. He takes the second-hand items and sells them to the other needy people who need these second-hand appliances.

    My cousins who lives in Indore always purchase her mobile phone by taking advantage of the offer which is mentioned by Vandana madam.

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    We have purchased many items on exchange scheme and sometimes they give good exchange offer sometimes not so good as it depends on the brand you are purchasing as well as the time of the year also. We do it because we do not have space to keep the old items when we buy the new one.
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    Parting with the old one and buying new product is always a loss and the rate given as pittance therefore it is better to retain the old product and go for new one extra. When we were vacating our home , the old kinetic honda scooter which was in running condition was not getting good price when tried to sold for second hand. Everyone was offering 500 rupees as the price. Though the make was of 2000 and the scooter registration also expired as per the latest RTA rules, no one was coming forward. Finally it was disposed off to a kabbadi wala and he gave me 800 rupees which seems to be good offer. But in this case I had to part with the vehicle.
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