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    Jokes to relax please

    One person peeped his head into a doctor's cabin and as found no patients before doctor, he entered inside.
    Doctor: Yes, come inside, sit here, extend your tongue.
    (doctor started his examination over him)
    Visitor suddenly got up from the stool and told, 'Sir, I come here to give invitation of my daughter's marriage.
    A doctor annoyed himself as no patients are coming to him since opening the clinic. A friend came to see him and told about this. Friend laughed and told,'Nothing to worry, tomorrow onward you will have patients'. Astonished doctor asked how. Friend told,' I casually come here to see you. A hotel next to your clinic have kept a board between your clinic and hotel entrance stating that - No patients with contagious infection are allowed inside - I just met the manager of the hotel and asked to remove the board from there'.
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    As usual, two good jokes from Ramu. Enjoyed and laughed. Keep posting good jokes for fun and joy. It is a good break to be away from boring ISC forum threads for a while.
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    Good jokes from the author. Both the jokes about the doctors is worth reading. I thank the author for these jokes and I request him to post such jokes once in a while. I appreciate the author for these collections.
    always confident

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    Good jokes- as usual- by the author. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep it up

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    Interesting jokes, bringing smile.
    A couple of days ago I got a joke in whatsapp. A husband comes home late and while taking dinner complains that the food is not at all good and tasty. The wife did not reply, went to the next room quietly and mad a phone call. Within a short time an ambulance came and took the husband. He had to remain 14 days in quarantine. Now after return he is complimenting any food she gives him.
    A contemporary joke. Please mind your words .Season is not conducive and can go worse.

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    Reading and enjoying jokes is always a good break from our routine activities. Tanks for posting.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This time the author has shared just two jokes based on the doctors. In everyday life also we come across some strange moments which can also be treated as jokes of the day and the above sharing is good.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A funny joke made me laugh.
    Laughing is the best therapy to avoid most of the problems of our life and also boost our energy, maintain our blood pressure normal ...glowing our skin and so on......
    so if laughting therapy is so useful then why we don't pay for it, this is so because God is directly giving this therapy to us by some of its children who play the role of a laughing therapist who make us laugh by their jokes.

    Swati Sharma

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    Nice jokes. They bring smile to us. I appreciate the consistency with which the author contributes these hilarious bits at a certain time interval which seems to be scheduled contributions with disciplined approach.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good joke and also got a complimentary one from Venkateshwarnji. Both jokes are good and hilarious. Ramachandranjialways come with good jokes to make our mood light and bring in laughter. Keep up the good work and keep on posting your funny bone here for everyone to relax.
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    Jokes are sometimes difficult to swallow in real life. We can see the medical representatives and those who break the queue to reach the doctor annoys the other people a lot as they loose their patience and becomes a patient on the spot.
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