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    Diplomacy within a family

    Diplomacy and diplomatic actions are generally understood in the context of national level leadership or related to discharging of administrative and managerial functions successfully in an organisation. But diplomacy is not having a role so limited. It is present everywhere even in our households. In a family, there are many members like grandparents, parents, children and sometimes dependent sisters, brothers or cousins. In such a situation, different members have different aspirations and expectations from the other members and especially from the head of the family as well as from the housewife. In such circumstances, the members who have the responsibilities of the household and specially who are the earning members have to deal with all the other members in a diplomatic way. Sometimes, the head of the family has to be tough with all others in order to ask them to adhere to the rules and discipline of the house and might also ask everyone to contribute to the family in their own ways. These type of interactions require diplomacy in talking and tackling as none of the members should be hurt by such instructions and directions. The experienced people manage these things well within the periphery of the household and the family progresses ahead in a cordial and united manner. So diplomacy has an important role in maintaining and keeping the family in good shape and also helps in bringing peace and calm in the family atmosphere.

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    The author is absolutely correct, Diplomacy is in ones nature which can not learn all of sudden sometimes we have to be diplomatic in the family but yes we should not do it to use them or to fulfill our ambitions .we have to know the way of being diplomates for our family sometimes, actually, we never want that our family members and our loved ones would hurt because of us so it's our priority to make them happy and at the same also make them safe, Sometime situation could be complicated where we have to make the decision which one is good or bad for our family, so for handling these situations one can be diplomatic then we can make them understand both faces of that situation and also convenes them for what would be better for them.
    I live in joint family and tryst me diplomacy is the biggest important factor to hold your family and connected your family member with each other because, in joint family where many people are living together, ist not compulsory to having same thought for every situation this case, Diplomactics members of the family can easy tackle it. My opinion is there should be a diplomats in each family .

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    We had some forum discussions earlier about diplomacy and also some discussions regarding whether it is good to act diplomatically or not and things like that. Different people might give different viewpoint on this but I strongly feel that one must use diplomacy in life in every aspect especially where there are chances of unnecessary confrontations popping up. Many problems and disputes and conflicting situations can be easily mitigated by observing diplomacy. This does not require that a person should be of highly academic career or intelligent. It simply requires common sense to act diplomatically.
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    Dealing within the family needs to be handled with great care as the egoistic and emotions run high among the family members and each want to have their say and superiority to which one has to deal according to the time and place. When we appreciate one in front of the others, suddenly they get emotionally surcharged and even leave the place in huff. Especially the children and cousins have more ego and they should not be undermined in front of others, thought they have the setbacks and achievements. In fact it is better to stay calm when grouping takes center stage in some functions and gathering.
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    Either it is an Organisation. a Nation or a family, when there are multiple grown-up people there should be always a difference of opinions and different priorities and different aspirations. The head of the family should manage the issues very diplomatically so that nobody will get hurt and the time will be going on smoothly. In my house, my wife will be generally taking that responsibility so that we all have peace of mind. Even deciding menu for lunch or dinner is also sometimes critical and my wife will solve that without hurting anybody and see that all will eat happily whatever they serve.
    This is very common in families where more number of members are there. A lot of patience and tact is required to tackle the issues that may arise and diplomacy is the best tool for that. I agree with the author.

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    Normally diplomacy is taken as the art or science of negotiation or skill of managing relations in society, workplace or between countries but as the author has mentioned, it is present everywhere and especially in our house. In a house, we have people from all age group i.e. kids, teens, adults, working, senior citizens etc with different aspirations and expectations, dependent and independent, introvert or extrovert, active or passive, short-tempered or jovial, etc and managing everyone is a difficult task. To keep the family bonded under one roof takes patience, understanding and strict at the same time. According to age, circumstances, relation and point, the family members have to approach each other so that no one is hurt and feel left out at any point. Even after doing their best, there are times when arguments and spat happen but the head of the family or the home minister can use their diplomatic approach to bring it back to normal and move forward lovingly and peacefully.
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    Diplomacy is actually a well behaved pattern in humans to achieve some desired results without confronting with others. It requires great skills and patience as the person has to consider all the pros and cons before making a diplomatic move. Diplomacy cannot be exercised in hurried ways and it definitely requires pondering and thoughtfulness. In a family there are different members who have different ideas of co-existing and cooperating with each other and in such situation the leader of the house has to be diplomatic to keep everyone attached to the common interest of the household.
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