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    What is your favourite subject?

    This simple question is asked in many interviews either at the time of admission to higher studies or in personalinterviews for jobs. The reason is that many of the Indian students would pursue their higher studies in forced circumstances or without any other option. When you appear for Civil Services Examination, it is quite common that majority of the candidates including Science and Engneering graduates/post-graduate choose one of the subjects in Humanities for Optional Paper. Thus the subject which is easily understandable and interesting becomes our favourite. It also depends on the teacher or lecturer who taught the subject to us.

    I will share my intersting subject/s in the responses here after sometime and may I request you to share your experiences about your favourite subject.
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    It's a difficult one to answer. During my school days, I never liked studying and studied for clearing the examinations. I found Physical Science and Life Science a bit interesting because there were some experiments involved, but cannot term them as my favourites. During my engineering, I found Basic Electronics very interesting. I was an electronics hobbyist so the subjects that dealt with electronic circuits were among my favourites. There were a few papers which were quite descriptive and have not much real-life applications. I never liked those subjects. Descriptive subjects are good to read but not so good to write. That's why I always preferred simpler subjects. It is correct that the interest in a subject develops depending on the teacher and in that case, Basic Electronics was among the top of the list of favourite subjects.

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    My favorite subject is Maths (Arithmetic), but I don't like Algebra. I can solve arithmetic problems. I may not follow the methods, but by hook or crook, I will get the answers. Another favorite subject is Drawing. I am much interested in drawing pictures.
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    I have interest and quite a good study (without any tinge of pride in it!) in many subjects not only in science stream but humanities also but when it comes to favourite then it is definitely the Mathematics which takes the first place. How this developed and how I chose Mathematics as a subject for my graduation is a long story but to cut the story short the essence is that I did my B.Sc. in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. I had interest in solving mathematical puzzles, quizzes etc and I had fun in doing that. In my B.Sc., in Mathematics, we had courses pertaining to Calculus, Dynamics, Statics, Hydrodynamics etc. One of our professor was writing a textbook for B.Sc. students in Hindi language on Hydrodynamics and at that time (1969) as there was no computer facility he was searching for someone who could write the whole book in good handwriting and legible form so that it can be sent to the publishers for publishing. At that time there was a need of such books in Hindi in the Northern part of our country and for the professor it was a very important project. One day seeing my handwriting and interest in Mathematics he asked me whether I could help him in that project. I readily agreed to be a part of such a prestigious project and started writing the book in a neat and structured way based on the draft material provided by him to me time to time in shape of 10-15 pages very week. That was my first writing project and I had to simply copy what he gave me and if I had a doubt I had to discuss with him the issue. It took me about 3-4 months time in completing that project and that year when I appeared in B.Sc. examination I got almost 98% marks in that Hydrodynamics paper (in all other papers my marks were in the range 55 to 75% only). It helped me to secure a first division as well as top position in B.Sc. in college.
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    My interesting subject is English. At the time of the 9th class, I used to write something in English. I used to read the English newspaper. I shew interest in reading textbooks and memorize the rhymes in English. This website boosted me to write articles in English. With the same interest, I completed M.A.English in recent years. As per value, I completed M.Sc., Physics in 2006. But, with special interest, I completed my post-graduation in English in service. Now, I am watching the Indiatoday app on mobile to search for new words.
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    I like Maths and Sanskrit in my school days and wanted to complete study with maths stream, but due to some circumstances I had to take biology after 10th class....this time Physics become a favorite subject. In college during my graduation chemistry become my favorite one ...In Msc my favorite subject was DBMS. As I don't have any choice so definitely I had to choose the favorite one from the subjects as per the course I was pursuing but after some time when I was working with an MNS then just for the knowledge, I stared study History Polity, then I got more information about our country and our culture everything, so after that, these become my favorite one and even now I have many history and polity books .. many magazines which cover polity and economy-related current issues of the nation and the world.
    So my final answer is this - I love to read books and novels which gives me more knowledge and information and also gives some lesson.

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    During the school days I enjoyed the social studies subject and during the college days my famous subject was civics and probably for this reason I am more interested in politics.
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    I always have a hearty laugh whenever I am reminded of this question. I will tell you why. I was in my middle school and I was kind of an above-average student scoring consistently in almost all subjects. Once it so happened during the half-yearly exam, I scored the highest marks in Hindi among all the sections. My Hindi teacher was all praise for me for scoring so good in Hindi, whereas other top performers had faltered. Soon after, my maternal uncle happened to visit us one day. As he was discussing about my studies, he asked me what was my favourite subject. Since I was on cloud nine during that period of time due to my sterling performance in Hindi, I simply replied 'Hindi', without giving any thought to it. Everyone was surprised by my answer and the next moment the entire room was turned into a riot of laughter. I immediately realized my folly. Everyone had expected me to pick up either science or math as my favourite subject. Never had they imagined that I would pick up a language subject. I had made a mockery of myself and that splurge of the moment my wish was to hide somewhere.

    Now years later, when I give a thought to it, I realize my favourite subjects have always been math and physics. Math in the sense that I find it easy and interesting to solve the problems and physics is the real subject I love. Physics is the subject that reveals all the magic around us and it is physics that is changing our lives every single moment and day.

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    I liked Mathematics because of its application in most of the fields connected with computers, research, Physics and even in our date to life the problems related to interest, work and time, percentage come across us very frequently while guiding the students of class eight or other classes.
    It is a branch of study dealing with a lot of sections such as Arithmetic. Algebra. Trigonometry, Calculas, Diffential Equation, Vector, Statics, Dynamics and so on. I was surprised to see the syllabus of B.Sc honours in Mathematics that dealt with Current Electricity, Magnetism, Hydrostatics etc in the Mathematics- curriculum. Though the chapters enlisted above are essentially the parts taught in Physics paper and can have detailed insights of these chapters if one studies Physics. This is an important discovery on my part how Mathematics is interlinked to the different science subjects.
    More you go through this paper, more you will be immersed and fascinated. Only drawback for someone is its vastness in relation to inclusion of so many chapters.

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    Biology is my favourite subject. Though my interest from childhood is in mathematics but in high school, I could not understand the concept of trigonometry and hence I chose biology in my higher secondary class. But after that, I realize that biology is interesting and everyone should have knowledge of biology. We should know our body very well and it can be possible by studying biology.

    I gave some competitive examination and I chose history as my second subject. The reason for choosing that subject was I is a good source of general knowledge. Most of the questions related to general knowledge are asked from history. So, I have also study Indian History and I also have a good interest in it.

    So, Biology and history are my favourite subjects.

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    My all-time favourite subject is Chemistry. This liking developed during my high school studies. The Science teacher who was teaching science was a chemistry postgraduate. He used to teach chemistry very well. He even used to take us to the small laboratory in that school and show us different lab glassware and used to show us how to operate. Those days I started liking Chemistry. Our Science teacher used to encourage me and used to take special care if I ask him any doubts. Then in intermediate, we have a chemistry lecturer who is young and just started his career. But he was a good teacher. He used to conduct laboratory experiments and show us how to do an experiment. What are the precautions we have to take etc, His teaching add flavour to my interest and I decided that I should pursue my further studies in Chemistry? By the grace of God, I am able to complete my Ph. D. Because of that interest in the subject in my career only I choose the job where my Chemistry knowledge will be useful
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