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    Die with lots of good memories than just dreaming about good

    I always had the opportunity to discuss issues with the elders of my acquaintances and during with one such spat, I came across a very good revelation that one should gather lots of good memories in life and that would not only support us during the bad time or when we are low but also make us most satisfied when the death approaches. Good memories of life always gives us the cushion feeling of having left the presence of ours to the others to get noticed and by simply dreaming of big things to be achieved is not going to help us anyway. What is your take on this?

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    I strongly recommend that a person should not think about the past and the future, but only think about the present.
    Yesterday was nothing but a dream that vanished, tomorrow is a vision of hope. Therefore look for the present day as a good day. Die happily chanting the name of Ram or respective God's name.

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    It is generally believed that if a person keeps good memories then it builds a positive thought process in and around him. Good memories are always a thing to cherish and it makes sense to keep them with oneself.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Good memories give you confidence and energy. They will make you positive. When you are in difficult times your earlier good memories will make you get the required strength and you will try maximum to be successful. Never keep bad old issues in your memory. Whatever lessons you have to learn, please learn and leave those bad memories. Especially when you are trying a new venture or starting a new task, if you get into that bad memories your energy will come down and you feel you are handicapped.
    In any one's life, there will be some good and some bad memories. But we should not go on remembering those bad memories. I was told by my seniors that we should not keep anything in our mind when we are about to die and we should only think about God and He will see that our soul will be peaceful.
    Our life will be always happy if we try to be thinking positively and trying to be always on our best mood.

    always confident

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    Agreed Memories are the part of our life which always with us whether when we busy or free time so one should remind always good memories, Our past present, and future all are responsible to make memories,
    We met many people in our life and make different memories with them.
    Remembering good memories and forgetting bitterness of bad times of our life, is the best way to live a happy life We are human who have power to make others happy then why we should not start it with ourselves first.
    It's very easy to keep only good memories in our mind, we have a very short life no one knows about his life days so why don't we make every day of our life beautiful and create memories that makes us happy and our love ones also be happy with us.

    Swati Sharma

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