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    Why not committees of sociologists for regulating TV serials?

    In the name of the freedom of the press and media, the electronic media has gone beyond all limits. The TV serials are shown private Tamil TV channels. Now that the lockdown is in force, the children also happily watch these serials. The parents are unable to control them at all.

    Many of these serials have stories that are simply atrocious. Planning and execution to grab the wealth of some wealthy relative or even third person, is shown with all the widkedness associated with the bad characters. Or, in most of the serials, even when a man is already married, the young realtive who is also in the same house, would go to any length to attact the man towards her and so on. Invariably, the legally married wife is always shown to be from a very poor family.

    I would not know if other language channels have similar atrocious stories. Members from the other regions may share their views here. In any case, the Government of India should constitute a board with eminent sociologists, who could even be retired professors, to come up with ideas on how to reduce the bad effects. They should be authorized to even change the entire stories and suggest changes so that the public is saved from the horrible effect of the bad serials and the bad characters as well.
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    I do agree with the author that the Tamil serials being played in Sun television is atrocious to the core because invariably I found more that two wives and two husband concept which spoils the young minds who watch the serials along with parents. No serial ever teaches the moral, and the story line is always based on how to take revenge, vengeful acts, how to eliminate others etc. Whereas the Tamil serials shown on Vijay television is somewhat good and showing such serials which give credence to joint family concepts and how the work gets distributed in joint family who lives happily ever. And coming to the point of having committee of sociologists to have guidelines devised for such serials. it is not possible because most of the serials are produced by private producers who aim at ad revenues and the contents cannot be seized.
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    If the Govt can enact some regulatory or monitoring body for these TV serials and other TV programs then the serial makers would be alert and cautious that there is some watchdog monitoring them and would not do such things intentionally.
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    Same is the case with TV channels in Telugu also. Luckily during the Lockdown as there were no shootings many serials stopped and restarted recently only. During Lockdown many channels started giving old serials like Mahabharat and Ramayana. Some old programs were retelecasted.
    The storyline of many of these serials will be like the same. Two lady lead roles confronting each other and one hero staring at both of them helplessly. This is very common in Telugu serials. My wife and two daughters in law will never see such serials and hence our granddaughters don't know about those serials.
    We used to see Mahabharatam daily. My granddaughter used to get ready and sit before TV for seeing that program on time. She used to remind her grandmother to get ready and sit for watching that program. Now that serial is completed and we stopped seeing that also.
    I agree with the proposal of the author that there should be a committee for approving the serials before they are telecasted.

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    Perhaps, the government will constitute a committee to monitor the behaviour of every people. Why committees and monitoring by others? Why can't we monitor ourselves? The author has mentioned that the kids are happily watching the serials. Kids like to see cartoons and animated stories and unless the parents are watching the serials themselves the kids will never know about those serails. If the stories shown in those soaps/serials are so terrible why the parents like to see it? This is something like smoking in front of the child and telling the child not to smoke because it is harmful. I find this too silly. When you are the parent you have the responsibility to raise your children and inculcate valuable habits in them. No committee can do that.

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