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    As a nation, we must learn to tolerate dissent

    On the one hand, we have the corporate organizations where dissent is mercilessly crushed. The boss decides everything and most managers are mere "doers". They cannot question anything.

    Many a creative idea gets quickly into the dustbin. The egos of the bosses will just not allow any dissent. This is still going on in many organizations. Those who have the ability and willingness to flatter the bosses at any point in time, do all the dirty tricks to ensure that any dissent is pushed under the carpet. In the remote locations where the cement, paper and sugar units are situated, the plant CEO becomes the demi-God and his word is law. This game continues for years on end.

    At the macro level, there is a tendency to simply brand anyone who questions anything, as "anti-national". This is rather unfortunate. The ability to come up with good suggestions or the ability to merely point out the mistakes should be appreciated and encouraged. It is tutile to suppress dissent in any form. A democratic society just cannot afford to have such a cilimate.
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    I do agree with the author that the dissent voice need to be given credence and action be taken. But why should the dissent voice occur? If the ongoing activities are good and not damaging the interest of the persons who are concerned, there would not be protest and dissent. But invariably when the voice of dissent raised at the low ranks, it must be addressed immediately, otherwise it would flare up high. Even in political parties, the CM has to control the flocks of MLAs who are supporting him and keep them in good books otherwise what is happening in Rajasthan has become the laughing stock for the nation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Agreed with author that many of the places are where dissents pushed by seniors of the organization and some times by the leaders. Infect I believe that it happens in almost every country, whether it's of organization or politics even sometimes we find it in our homes, among the family members.
    The maximum time you will find the way to crushed dissent will not be directly but indirectly I mean organization's management will be asked you for your opinions but the end of the day they will do only what they want and which was already decided by management, Same way apply by the politicians as well,
    What should we do is either its continues as it is going on or raise the voice for right thing but when we choose to send one option we have to keep one thing in our mind that is we need many voices which are standing over there with us , because unity has the power to make anything so in my opinion this is the only way to change the system.

    Swati Sharma

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    What is implied in opening post is obvious as the author raises his voice for freedom of speech where every employee is allowed to express his dissent against unjustified decision or order or policy or scheme or thought or ideology or views or opinion or trend or practice or dispensation etc.

    Reason is that when images of canvass are zoomed and magnified on golden screen appear larger than life are mingled with inaccessible stars, then common people are changes into satellites.

    I'm not a day dreamer, rather, I keep my eyes on realities. Boss is boss. You can't challenge his authority. when all our seniors are meek before his bossism then who we are. So long as we are the part of a firm or dispensation, us being servants have no options but to abide by the commands of our boss. People kind of rebellious propensity may leave the firm unquestionably.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent problem. The Boss of the department is the supreme and is surrounded with a number of flatterers often suggesting nothing to augment the work cultures but they are the part of good listeners of the Boss nodding their heads in favour of the Boss. If a new employee has any dashing idea which can bring about perceptible improvement in the quality of the job, he would be labelled as indisciplined and in subordinative in the working process. Before satisfying the Boss, he has to go through the tough process of luring the the chamchas sitting around the Boss. May be they might have given the Boss a wrong feed back of the candidate having some dissent ideas. Hence, to change the organisational attitudes sometimes becomes really difficult unless the Boss is above the intellectual level.

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    Yes. I have also seen many companies where their units are in remote areas and as mentioned by the author the CEO of that plant will be a Super Man. All the next level employees should obey him. He will have his favourites and they will be the carriers to him. If somebody talks about the CEO, immediately the words will reach to him through these carriers. He will see that such people will be leaving or they will get punished. No dissent is allowed. The MD, the boss of CEO of the plant will be staying at the corporate office and will be going by the voice of CEO only. He has no time to go and see what is happening in the plant. Technically he may not be competent also to go against the CEO of the plant. All these factors put together the CEO will never allow any dissent. He will be definitely a yes master to his boss.
    But such people will always be told that they are real democrats and expect suggestions from others. But the true face is something different.

    always confident

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