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    Goverement should more focus on Forecasting or Disaster Management

    I heard a news before 2 days that The weather app - "Mausam" has been launched by the Ministry of Earth Science on July 28. The weather forecast would be done through this app to know about upcoming weather.

    We all aware with that the Meteorological Department and other related departments are still less capable of providing weather forecasting sometimes, which can be surly understood that forecast of every disaster is not as easy as seems.

    Don't government should more focus on disaster management systems rather then forecasting of disasters, I am not saying that its not necessary to get information about upcoming disaster but still I feel our disaster management should be more strong as we can not forecast every disaster.

    For example - Corona which is a Biological Disaster, troubles all world today, but as we can see no pre-arrangement has been taken by the government for these kinds of situations. Still, government is working for us as much as it can but if they have a better pre-planning for this disaster then today hospital availability and medical system would be more better.
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    Weather forecasting is a difficult arena and in spite of so many modern calculations and methods the meteorology department is not successful in making perfect predictions. We have to gear up much in this area as well as in the area of disaster management.
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    Weather is playing spoilsport in our country and we are unable to forecast the spell of rains and cyclone in time. Sometimes the warnings are given and even the people from the coast are shifted to the safer places, but the cyclone would drift away to other places. I do agree that the cyclone is the nature formation of low pressure and it is subjected to change course and trajectory based on the wind at the ocean. But this time the timely alert of the floods in Assam and Bihar has not only helped the authorities to shift the people to safer places, even the livestock were also moved to safer places.
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    Weather forecasting and knowing that something is going to happen beforehand is good. That will make you take all the required care and see that we will not badly get affected due to the calamity.
    But disaster management is very important. Sometime we may face serious problems. Even though we take all possible precautions something wrong may happen and there may be a disaster. So how to face that and how to manage the situation without getting many people suffering seriously should be the objective.
    When there was havoc in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh, the then Chief Minister camped there and seen that normalcy was restored in no time. His disaster management methodology was good and worked well. Like this, all the State governments and the Central government should manage the disasters. There are national-level committees and State level committees for this. I was a member in that committee of the then combined state of Andhra Pradesh for three years. We used to meet and discuss the methodologies and used to conduct mock drills in various industrial establishments. But how effective these committees is the main question? For the district committees, the district collector will be the leader. But he can't give much time for this and when the head is not present others will not take it seriously. That is why these committees are not very effective.

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