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    How Important is Change in our Life....

    There are many people who don't like to changes in their life, they have been made some principles for their lives and do not want to change them at any cost, whether they are ill or going somewhere else but they will not adjust with their principles.

    Live your life with the principle is very good but it's not seems good when this kind of people don't care about it what others want, even sometimes they troubled themselves and also annoy others.

    On the other hand, there are some people who want new change every day in their life.The problem of such people is that they get bore with everything or some time with everyone and keep looking for something new.

    Why both, Principles and Change is necessary in life and to what extent should these changes happen, so that our principle or changing demands do not create problems for us and for our loved onse.
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    I don't know change is required or not, but the adjustment is a must these days. We need not change our principles but we should adjust and temporarily we should see that our principles will not suffer a big blow.
    My habit is to perform pooja daily. I have separate clothes for that and I wear them for Pooja only. But when I go out of Station I can't carry those clothes with me. So those times I will try to manage the pooja with a wet towel or wet lungi. I need not stop my prayers but I have to make some temporary changes for time being.
    Even food habits. We may have some likings and some disliking. When there are more members in the house always it is not possible to prepare the dishes as per your liking only. So you should eat whatever is made. Like some adjustments are to be made in our lifestyle so that we will not trouble others much.
    But one thing we should remember always is that we should change for betterment for not for a downfall.

    always confident

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    For many the daily routines would bring the boredom and even gather fatigue to set in and that would slow down our performance drastically. That is the reason being so when I happen to go long place on scooter, I would take one route while going and return through the other route. By doing so the travel would not be tiresome, and we would seeing new things, when we come through the other route daily. Moreover by changing routes, we are also giving a miss for those who were following us for their own reason and thus we have our own principle to follow and none to question our moves.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A few changes are inevitable and occur automatically whether you like it or not. Today if your age is x, the next year it would be x+1. Now it's day and after some time it will be evening and there will be no daylight. The season will change automatically. Now, what we require is a variety to spice up things. You do not like to taste the same food daily and that's why prefer to eat outside at times. This change has nothing to do with your principles. Your principle maybe not to misbehave with anybody. Your principle maybe not to tell a lie under any circumstances. Now, in a certain situation if a lie can save somebody from a grave consequence you should tell a lie. You need to change certain principles depending on the situation. Your stubbornness should not be such that others are greatly inconvenienced for your acts.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Someone's spending life as per his self made principles can't be called as bad, however, it's not obligatory on other people to follow those principles. Everybody spends his own life by his own ways whether or not someone dislikes him. The world doesn't go as per our thinking.

    Generally, people of old generation like to follow certain principles and most of them are so much hardcore fundamentalist that they can't be lured to budge an inch from their principles. On other side young generation don't like such things like principles and rules. They like to be happy go lucky and take things as come.

    I don't think there is need of any adjustment. If you don't like someone for any reason or find yourself uncomfortable in someone's presence, then stay away from him/her. If married women have issues with their in laws can live in a separate home. But I don't understand if these women can adjust themselves with their own parents why they can't adjust themselves with their in laws? Why they want that their in laws should change themselves.
    Change yourself instead of changing others.

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