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    When three fingers point back at you...

    A good friend of mine got hold of my cell number through a mutual friend and immediately called up; he recalled those good old days at IIM Ahmedabad when we were all members of the big research team; at that point in time, we had a couple of teachers who were well trained in advanced behavioral sciences; they were consultants to many global organizations, even in the early eighties.

    In private conversation, these teachers would point out the futility of our blaming others for our mistakes and our weaknesses; the moment we understand our own strengths and concentrating on them, we will break all shackles and then go on to do far better things; they would also point out that when we blame others, the same three fingers will come back to us. We will be cornered for all our pitfalls; life is after all, a big learning universe in which we learn from each of our experiences.

    Yes, it does pay when we start to understand where we are, why we are where we are, and what can be done by us to go from one stage to another.
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    Authors topic-" Three fingers back to you " is absolutely correct. We should always remember it when pointing out a finger to anyone.
    It's a very well known nature of human beings that they always blame others for their failure and some times if there would be no one to blame then they will criticize society and culture and the most important situation of their lives.
    When a person starts to take responsibility of his/her own success and failure by itself then only one can be actually successful.
    I believe that there are many factors that can affected one person in its life but I also believe the end of the day we will get what we actually want and for what we tried our level best, one can get success or failure is totally depends on his efforts. Accept mistakes and make them correct is the best policy to achieve your goal.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Commenting on others without knowing the complete issue is a real problem. Even we know the issue fully we are not supposed to comment. We don't the feelings or the condition of the other person. Unless otherwise, we get into their shoes we don't why they behaved in such fashion. We should restrain ourselves from making comments on others. It is very common that if you try to point one finger at somebody the other three fingers will be pointing towards you only. But we see many people unnecessarily commenting on a third person who is not there. We should always remember that if a person is talking bad about a third person with you in his absence, please remember that he may talk about you also in a similar way in your absence also. So we should not comment on anybody and we should not allow somebody to comment about a third person in his absence. That will be a good way of living.
    always confident

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    When we comment against others, there should be valid reasons and we should also able to give alternate ideas to the comment , otherwise we shall be cornered for making unwanted or not solicited comment. The other day there was a spat with two young boys who were commenting on the dressing sense of their common friend who was wearing a green pant and yellow shirt. The color combination was eye sore to those two and they commented him badly for wearing such colors. Then he shot back as to what color he should wear is the prerogative of his choice and one need not advise him. If they advise him. then let them show the right color combination to worn in future. Gossips is good with the offended person is not there in our front, but some boys are doing comment in front of the person and that hurts hardly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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