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    Why is residing in a hostel mandatory at some institutes?

    On looking at admission notifications, in some of them, you can see the statement that it is a residential program and students are required to stay in the hostel, whether on campus or in nearby accommodation that has been arranged for them by the educational institution. I wonder why this is required. Supposing the student happens to be a resident of the city where the institute is located and has no issues with commuting to and fro, even if at late hours. I feel that it is like forcing students to pay high fees for hostel accommodation.

    You may argue that the course is such that it requires working on a project with others or being available on campus for some aspects of the course that may suddenly come up. However, this is debatable. Activities like workshops and seminars are scheduled in advance and team projects can be worked on during the hours when the campus gates are open, not necessarily requiring to be present at all times once the academic classes are over.

    It would be nice to get feedback from those who stayed in a campus hostel in the academic years of college or university, not about the hostel life but whether you did feel it was required to stay in the hostel.
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    Our stay in the hostel makes us more active and it gives us a competitive spirit when we stay with our classmates for longer times after college/ School hours also. I was in the Andhra University hostel for two years during my PG study. That two years brought many changes in my thinking process and It made me get ready for the life ahead.
    But the important points that how is our circle. Who are your friends and how you interact with them? When we see other spending long hours reading we also feel that we have to concentrate on our studies. Once that thought comes we will concentrate on our studies. Different students will purchase different books and we can collectively use them. You need not restrict yourselves to the book you purchased or on the book, you get from the library. That will be helpful for us in improving our knowledge base on our subject.
    We learn many useful tips from our friends which will come in handy after your studies also. We can understand the mentalities of various people and that will be useful during our career.
    There are some students we spoiled their lives due to the bad habits they learnt by seeing their friends in the hostel. All will depend on the circle of friends you have.

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    Though I did not have the experience of staying in a hostel for my studies, my daughter has done her graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate for 4+2+2 = 8 years by staying in the hostel. Her stay in the hostel made her a perfect woman and self-reliant. We are from the extreme south, but she studied in Maharashtra. Similarly, my son too studied at JNU by staying in the hostel. He too became self-reliant. They have a big friends circle. They picked up languages of other regions. They are masters who have learned about life.

    According to me, a student staying in a hostel has more time to devote and concentrate on their studies. Studying from home is a burden for the students as they will have to care for their home. The hostel provides a free environment for the students, except food that may not be of their taste. If one can forgo tasty food, hostel is a good place to learn.

    But it should not be made compulsory as the poor students living close to the institution would suffer. The hostel should be an option for the students.

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    The hostel system is also mentioned in our History and Shashtra, which is known as ASHRAM vyawastha.

    As per my suggestion, it is good to live in a hostel for some time in your life, but I have got this chance.
    My brother lived in a hostel for his engineering and I saw diaristic changes in his behavior in a positive manner.
    He started to wash his clothes by himself, and he looks very active for all household works.

    If we look back in our history so also we find that there was a compulsory system for all whether kings' son or anyone else all has to go to Ashram for study, the main concept behind that is to build up of children in normal circumstances so that they will be strong for their future.
    I think same idea which was followed by our gurus in ancient time have been still followed by some colleges and families.

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    Staying in hostel is conducive for study because ambience is as such but it doesn't mean that who don't reside in hostel aren't good at study or they're below par to hostel-guys.

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    The concept of residential programming is understandable if the administration is serious in strengthening the personalities of the inhabitants. Though a few institutions adhere to certain guidelines necessary to be followed by the residential . In fact, with the rigorous discipline of the management and willingness of the students to abide the rules of the residential premises, the results in respect of personality development of the students are praiseworthy. Though compulsory living in the residential programme escalates expenses, but the positive achievements accrued of such a programme outweighs the benifits.

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    To some extent in the name of developing personality and overall development of the students the stay in hostel can be justified but in many cases it does not add any value to the knowledge acquired by the students. In our old Gurukul system in ancient India the students were given practical training and during that period they learned a lot of skills also under the great saints and scholars and it made sense to stay in that natural campus. But today many students are learning bad things only while staying in hostels and sometimes become addict to some drugs etc also. Some institutions are in fact earning money from this hostel business as in the name of hygienic and healthy food they charge the students high amount. Students are also not bothered as their parents are paying it. If a student is asked to go for this education after taking loan from the bank, he or she would think twice before going for such indulgences.
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    When there is an option, it is always preferable to stay in hostel. There are many advantages of it. When we stay at home and study, we may face many uncertain disturbances like guests, neighbours and so on. In fact, we may get distracted by the discussions going on among the other family members.
    When we are in a hostel, we are surrounded by our classmates and can study in groups, can clear the doubts by discussing with others and can follow the proper routine of everything. A hostel life also teaches us to be self-dependent which one cannot learn being at home. Students cannot take leaves for unnecessary reasons like transport issues. It also makes us feel the competitive zeal to work harder and we become stronger when we don't find parents to pamper us.
    At the same time, there are many disadvantages also of staying in the hostel. You may be caught up in a bad company and a bad circle. You may feel lonely at times but that is how you need to learn about what is wrong and what is right. I have spent 14 good years in a hostel and had many good and bad experiences but still, I suggest everyone experience a hostel life at least once in the whole life.


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    When an institution has hostels, canteen and staff to manage them then they would like to have it fully occupied otherwise overheads would be more and institution might incur loss on that front. This could be a reason why they insist the students to stay in the hostel.
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    Ceteris paribus, other things remains constant, the hostel staying of school children is admissible for the following reasons:
    a) It improves the eating habit as many children are eating properly due to many reasons, they skip breakfast, night dinner etc., For them the eating practice collectively with other room mates will come automatically.
    b) It develops the responsibility of keeping their dresses neatly by washing etc. by themselves without depending others. In some children the dress sense also formed in them.
    c) It develops free talking habit in them as we can see many children do not speak well with others freely,
    d)It improves the discipline in them like eating, reading, sleeping in time

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    Hostel facilities can be availed by those students who are from out station and for also those students whose home is not conducive to quality education and thus parents prefer to have hostel . Especially the Institutions like Chaitanya and Narayana in Hyderabad are having super group with hostel facilities probably with air conditioned room so that the students are taken care of with special coaching even after the college hours and these students are the cream of the performers and thus special attention is also taken in the regular classes by segregating the students with average, best and super groups. Most of the hostel students gets the previous year question papers and also leads from the lecturers as to how to crack the difficult questions in the competitive exams as the hostel fees charged is also more.
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