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    How Important is the Uniform System

    When we were in school there was a particular uniform system over there.
    When we go for a school function this is the best way to recognize your schools student by their uniform. When I was in college there was a uniform system- for first-year girls it is compulsory to wear kurta laggy with dupatta but it was only for first-year student , at the same time many colleges were there in which uniform system was applicable.

    Some of the organisations are also followed uniform system for their employees, hospitals also have its own uniform system many more government organization, even our parliament is also followed, sort of unifom system, white kurta pazamas ..

    What you think all collages and organizations should follow the uniform system or not and what would be it effects on the garments business and cloth industries.
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    Uniform system is nothing but an order and discipline that brings seriousness in the people. Everyone looks alike and seems to be working for a common cause. In schools it is basically to inculcate the discipline.
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    Yes, schools, colleges and organisations should follow a uniform system. A few organisations need to use coats made of thick cloth as the safety of its employees like the mechanics in a garage. Uniform adds to their overhead costs in organizations thus lacking the usage. A few companies may not also require the call centres.

    Uniform helps the Administration to easily identify its staff or students in a big crowd as they would be familiar with the colour code is chosen. It is also a symbolic way of unity without any bias.

    The business the cloth industry gets benefits from uniform business as it is sold every year. The life of clothes depends on quality and usage. Since uniforms are used regularly, staff and students may have to buy them quite often.

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    Uniform is a must for any institution or organization. Uniform equals everyone. It makes us feel one as a human being and hides the rich and poor identity. If there is no uniform, the rich would wear costly garments and the poor would wear torn clothes. This will make a lot of difference in educational institution and workplaces.

    This is being strictly adhered to by the Lord Sri Ayyappa devotees who wear only black or blue Dhoti and shirt and towel. (All in black/blue) No one would know whether the devotee is rich or poor. All are equal in front of God.

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    I think it is required and gives a good impression to the outsiders. It also helps in distinguishing the different people also. If I go out from my housing complex then I immediately see our security guard in a prescribed dress and it avoids confusion for the visitors also.
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    I never had the opportunity of going to a school or a college in a uniform. My complete education is in government institutions only and those days government institutions were not having the concept of uniforms in Andhra Pradesh. But I had the opportunity of wearing a uniform when I was working in an Organisation and I followed that for 7 years in that organisation.
    System of uniform code is good. It shows that all are equal there and there will not be any diversion. Generally, we all are having the habit of looking at the dresses of others and comparing that with ours. So in a classroom, if there are students with different colourful dresses, the concentration of the students may go. So this system will see that students will not get diverted and discipline will be maintained.
    These days almost all the educational institutes including government institutions also are having uniforms prescribed by the government.

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    Uniform is made compulsory in many schools, colleges, institutes and even at workplaces. We do see people working in factories or plants or rigs having a boiler suit which helps to be safe and also uniform. The only difference is the colour of the safety jacket and helmet which reflects the position of the person.

    In schools and colleges, wearing uniform gives a cordial and uniformity look without giving distinction between students of a different class but helping them to be united and be one with their classmates. This also helps the poor student from being nagged by rich class students and be brought under the same umbrella.

    A uniform is often seen with people working in shopping malls, big offices, airports, hospitals, catering or hotels, etc. Nowadays even during festivals or functions, people prefer using uniform clothing to family members, volunteers, organising committee etc as this helps to look good and a feeling of oneness another everyone.

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