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    I am now 6 years old

    Yes, I am now 6 years old ISCian as I completed the whole 6 years here in this virtual family. I joined ISC on 31st July 2014 just by chance but then got associated with it for this long time. I still remember that my first earning was through the Ask Expert section and then I started contributing in different sections and also participated in various contests. Finally received my first invoice in October 2014 for Rs. 1000/-. After spending 6 years, I feel very much connected to ISC and have the same feelings about this family.
    Lastly, I would like to thank everyone here who made me feel conformable and gain confidence while making contributions in different sections.

    With a wish to celebrate many more birthdays here,
    I am continuing my journey for another next year!
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    Wish you many happy returns of the day, Padmini! Many congratulations on completing six successful and fruitful years of association with ISC. You have been contributing to different sections and have made a mark for yourself that undoubtedly requires to be acknowledged and appreciated. Hope you will continue to remain active in this site and move ahead with the same passion and zeal for many more years to come. I conclude by drawing your attention to the comment on you by none other than Tony sir in this thread. All the best!
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    Congratulations, Padmini, on successfully completing six years with ISC.
    You are one of the balanced active embers in forum. I was witnessing the steady and consistent progress you were making by your involvement and sincerity. As a member and an editor too you had been doing general justice to the roles expected of you.
    My best wishes to you for many further achievements in ISC.

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    Congratulations Padmini. You are one of the lovely members of ISC. Your performance at ISC is exemplary. I cannot forget your name as it is a name I like and love. Wish you all the best, and wish you to continue to work with the same tempo and spirit in the future years too. May God bless Padmini.
    No life without Sun

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    May you receive many more returns for your dedicated work at ISC. Congratulations on being a consistent member for the past six years.
    Lead the leader

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    Congratulations to Padmini Madam, Editor of ISC for completing 6 years on this prestigious education site. Your contributions here are good and your work should be appreciated. As a member, you have started your journey and become an Editor. I wish you many many happy returns of the day and I wish that you will become Lead Editor also shortly. I wish you all the best.
    always confident

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    Congratulations, Padmini for completing six years on this platform. This association is always something special and we all gained from this. Your contributions are thought-provoking and quite enriching. I hope this journey will continue for many more years and you will equally contribute with more enthusiasm. I wish you all the best.

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    Six years is a long time and if a member or editor can stay consistently in a site, it deserves appreciation. Your contributions are well known to the members and I wish that you stay here for a long time and contribute in this site.
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    Congratulation Padmini for completing your 6 years association with ISC which is n educational site. Your contribution, journey and a promotion to the editor post itself shows your dedication, hard work and willingness to be a part of the growing and No!1 educational portal. I wish you good health and continue your good work in the portal and keep on growing.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Congratulation mam, for completing your 6 years with ISC, it really a big achievement.
    your contribution to this site is commendable,
    I want to give my contributions too to ISC as much as I can and hopefully will also celebrate my journey with ISC years to years.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Many many congrats Padmini for completing 6 years of presence in this glorious and much vibrating educational site. In these 6 years you have progressed well and bagged the 18th rank position and serving as the editor now with much more fervor. Most of your 89 resources shared with this site were good and superlative. By giving 2151 forum responses, you gave apt replies for the post raised by the new and old members with great precision and up to the dot. I have also noticed your expertise responses in ask expert section where in 747 replies were enthralled the authors who raised the questions. Due to your consistency and good writing caliber there is no dearth for awards and rewards you got during this period and most of them are the best for the recognition. Probably you are the only member who posted most information updates. Cherish your presence here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    My heartiest congratulations on completing 6 wonderful years at ISC. It is indeed a great achievement to contribute continuously for these many years. I wish all the best to you to continue many years in ISC and reach great heights.

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    Thank you, everyone, for all the wishes and kind words.
    @ Sun, the reason you love the name "Padmini" is the same for what I am "Padmini". My father loved his Premier Padmini (Fiat) car and given me the same name. It may sound funny, but yes, it is it.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Happy 6th Birthday, Padmini! Glad you've been associated with ISC since so many years. You've also made your own quiet mark on the editorial team and we're happy to have you on board. Wishing you success ahead in all that you do.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Congratulations, Padmini Ma'am, on successfully completing six years with ISC. It gives a great feel. I wish that you continue your journey on this platform and complete many years in ISC.

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    Heartiest congratulations on completing six years with ISC family. I wish you all the best to reach a great height.

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    Nive to learn Padmini that you have completed six long years in ISC. Just as everyone has mentioned, you are one of the most consistent and level-headed performer in ISC. MS Dhoni has been the Captain Cool in the cricket field and you are the same here. Never saw you losing cool, as a member or as an editor. Wishing you all the best. Incidentally, it is my sixth year too.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Belated happy 6th happy birthday at ISC Dhruv! Thank you for all your kind words but that "Captain Cool" tag is a bit more for me. Let it be reserved for our captain only or else he will loose his cool.

    @ Vandana Ma'am, you made a big contribution to my journey from a newbie to an editor. Thanks a lot!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Many congratulations Ms Padmini for spending a successful 6 years at the best educational site ISC. Happy birthday. Wish you a great and successful coming up years at ISC. All the best.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I also join other members in congratulating you in completing 6 glorious years in ISC. Your work is already known to the members and I hope that you would be contributing with same pace and vigour in coming times.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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