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    About ISC caption Earn to learn, Learn to Earn

    We all are familiar with the catchy relevant caption of ISC- "Earn to learn, Learn to earn". Some of the members could have joined by reading the caption.

    But when was it started? What was the caption before that? Can any member who is with ISC since beginning or WM make it clear? Just out of curiosity, because on my surfing through old pages I saw following information.

    A caption for ISC was triggered by a member's thread on 4th June 2008. Titled "Caption For ISC -Best Caption @ Rs 250/- Offer by Tony". It is interesting that when the thread was started by a member and Tony offered his acceptance after the thread was published, how the title had name Tony! May be the title was edited and updated later.

    On 13th June 2008, Tony accepted the caption "Learn, Earn and Share". and announced the winner Vellamji, who is still a functioning member.

    Can member Vellamji also clarify?
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    I Went back to see what happened then. OMG, it was a great thread with a lot of proposals for a caption to ISC. It was quite interesting to go through the good old thread and the members' active participation with zeal and enthusiasm. Vellamji proposed - Learn, Earn, Share. And he received the best caption award of Rs. 250/- from Tony John in the thread itself.

    Later, as Venkiteswaran said, it has been modified to 'Learn to Earn and Earn to Learn.'

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    I too could get a chance to see the members participation. One thread with several responses, just like a contest thread which was imposed lately but the enthusiasm was clearly visible.
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    This is really an interesting information about the caption of ISC as how it was created by the members of the site. That is of course a good thing about this site and that is the good participation of the members and also good co-ordination by the editors.
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    Yes, I think soon after that contest (I wasn't a member at that time) the logo was designed by a professional designer and put up along with the caption. The title would have been changed because from a suggestion by a member it was converted into a contest and to alert everyone the Webmaster's name was included to indicate that it an official contest.
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    Thank you Venkiteswaranji for digging into the old threads and bringing the old thread about ISC that help us to know more about ISC and the participation of members in those days. The thread was very active and the one who had raised the thread was very active as he kept the thread moving with making it clear for members to provide an explanation for their caption suggestion. Many members came up with a good suggestion and I felt that the caption that is talked is a mix of two captions suggested by the contest winner Vellamji(#13050) - learn, earn and share and Punnoose K.Wilson(#13433) - Earn And Learn.
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    The unknown facts about ISC in the past being made known to us as we can see a researcher and scientist hidden in the author Venkiteswaran and thus past happenings could be known more clearly now. Nevertheless the logo and caption of site is very inspiring and suitably created.
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    I think we are lucky to see the old thread through this thread. Thanks to the author for that. Now members will know how the site started and how it got changed over a period of time. Earn while you learn and learn while you earn is what exactly we are all doing during our stay on this site. The caption of the sight will explain nicely the concept of the site. The logo also is very well designed.
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    Old things create a sort of nostalgia in us and in today's environment the effect is more. It is a pleasure to know that there is a history behind the ISC logo. A logo or tagline sometimes attracts people here. While making a logo one has to take care of the fact that the elders might not like an average one also.
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    Captivating, catchy, captions s are a boon and boost for any organisation, service or websites.
    That summarises and self explains manythings about the organisation or website. It hints about the aims and visions too. Hope ISC caption remains update and current even after many years, as the need to earn and the need to learn and the lead of one to other will remain perennial

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