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    Diplomacy is a tool for Self-protection

    Diplomacy is a global term and is used at the national and international level by leaders. But actually, no part of our lives has escaped from diplomacy. In our lives, we face so many problems and try to solve these problems ourselves. To solve the problems and save ourselves, people use tact and diplomacy and pretend to be humble and cooperative. It is very helpful to manage and resolve any issue. Diplomacy is an act by which anybody can hide his negative sides very tactfully. Diplomacy can give self-confidence, self-satisfaction and happiness and can solve problems up to some extent, but it will be for a short time and sometimes it can lead to some devastating effects in the long run. Acting diplomatic every time can leave some negative impacts also like a person can lose his own identity as every person has some uniqueness which makes his identity and he can be selfish in the eyes of others. Diplomacy gives protection in the short-term but can harm in the long-term. Diplomacy can be used to avoid us from criticism and confrontations and save our ego. We can understand it as, when anybody falls in love, he/she conceals tactfully some evils of his/her lover. This act may give some pleasure instantly, but it may ruin their life in the long run. But if he/she discloses honestly and accepts that then the person can try to improve himself/herself.

    There is a very thin line between honesty and diplomacy, and only a few people can accept their shortcomings honestly. But the difference is that they remain confident and happy forever. So if anybody wants to live a happy and peaceful life, he must be honest and should be a diplomat only in need. Honesty is the all-time best policy, not diplomacy. It is my opinion. What do you say?

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    Well, diplomacy is a good policy and at times it brings the best solution but it cannot be regarded as the best policy. Whenever you are employing some tactics you are doing it purposefully. Nobody is going to act diplomatically with their friends. If somebody acts diplomatically even with their friends it means there is an agenda in her/his mind. Diplomacy is either for some gain or a bargain. If you are successful you gain and if not the situation may not be encouraging at all.

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    A diplomatic approach will be good only if you are not using it for somebody else's loss and for your gain. If it gives a win-win situation this can be used. Otherwise, people will lose all his friends and you will be left alone. Diplomacy should be used only in solving problems that too without intentionally harming anybody. Sometime we may use it for our self-protection but if you use this always nobody will believe that person and try to avoid him and he will become a big failure.
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    As mentioned that diplomacy is just a tool but honesty is what keeps a relationship going forward. I would surely support your statement as in any relationship, we need to be honest and be able to put forward an honest review that will help them to improve in the long run. Many a time, we do give a fake review which in the long-standing affects their relationship.

    Diplomacy is good in any relationship as it will help you to eliminate rough talks and can handle any situation and balance it to a stand that will not hurt anyone but be able to resolve the condition or situation amicably. Diplomacy, when used in proportion in any relationship, will always aid to take their relationship forward without any differences and hurt feelings.

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    Totally agree with the author that there is no part of life that has escaped from diplomacy, even diplomacy plays a very important role to maintain your relations with loved ones ...and I believe one should be diplomatic to live a happy life but some people think diplomacy is just to tackle someone when he/she does not agree with your views but my thought is that when a person becomes diplomatic then the first aim is not always to getting power in someone's mind, infect diplomatic person's first motto is to help someone to explain what we both want.
    Diplomacy always good when positively used by diplomatic persons.

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    The world is full of difficulties, challenges and other such adverse things in our lives. In this situation we have to protect ourselves and our interests in such a way that our progress is unhindered and we should be able to reach our goals and objectives. For achieving this one has to be diplomatic and get the things streamlined in an intelligent manner. No one would hear or help us if we do not use our brains in constructive and positive territories where it would bring prosperity not only to us but the people who come in contact with us. Once other people see our usefulness then only they would keep relations with us. So, diplomatic relations and behaviour are many times help us in protecting ourselves as well as getting benefitted by those proactive actions.
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    Diplomacy is generally used in dealing with the other people and society to create an environment of calm and mutual faith. If one is not diplomatic even ones followers would leave him one by one. In a way, I agree, that it is a weapon for self protection.
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