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    Learning diplomacy from a child!

    Ever wondered how a child acts diplomatically in different situations? The other day, before the lockdown started, I was in a friend's place. His little daughter is very naughty and because of that, she is often rebuked by her parents. I think, she became used to it otherwise, she wouldn't be so naughty. Usually when we visit a place where there are children we take some goodies for them. I took some chocolates for her which was inside my office bag. When I visited earlier, before this visit, then also I gave some chocolates to her. This time around, the day before my visit her parents rebuked her in front of me inside the market. I also disapproved of the kid's behaviour and told her to be a very good girl. The next day when I visited she was inside her room but noticed me, a very usual inquisitive nature of a kid. I was talking to my friend and his wife. His daughter slowly entered the drawing-room and smiled at me. She said, "You are a very nice person and I am sure for this nature you got a lot of chocolates when you were a child". "You know, I am so naughty that these days my parents don't give me chocolates, though they know I like it so much".

    On hearing this, my friend said to her that from this age only she started managing the adults so well and exclaimed imagining what may happen when she will grow up. The rest of the things are very usual. Now, won't you call her a diplomatic child?

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    I would not say that children act diplomatic but that is what comes out naturally to them. We can notice the difference in any child or children when they meet different people. Some children would be very good at home but throw tantrums when they are outside. Some children are very naughty in their homes but very quiet when out. There are even children who are neutral wherever they are. The change in their behaviour is not their diplomacy but the way they are kept. When the child is constrained in the house, he feels the only way to relax is when they are outside as the parents would not should or beat in front of others. In another case, the child has no one to play with but when he is out, he gets to enjoy and thus do not cause kios. Now for children who do enjoy in their home is neutral and listens to their parents as they know they will not mind it. We can learn diplomacy from children as to how they handle people of different ages and how they mingle with people whom they like, etc.
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    I agree with your point that children handle different ages of people in a diplomatic way.
    When a child observes a new person, identifies as an outsider to immediately inform parents whereas if they are related to the family, there is a welcome smile on their faces.

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    No one has a lovely heart like a child's heart, which has no fake feeling or no bad feeling for others.
    Children just do what makes them happy, then it may when someone's crying in fun or when someone making different faces in front of a child to make them laugh.

    Do not know about diplomacy but yes children also know to get their work done in their own way, sometimes they cry and sometimes they know to do their work with love Children are also becoming smart.

    While diplomacy, the person hides his real feelings but if the children are innocent then it is not possible for them to hide the emotion but do not know that perhaps this art can make these children a good diplomat in the future.

    Swati Sharma

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    Everyone uses diplomacy to less or more extent whether a child or an adult. So, the behaviour of children is also no exception in this matter. Only difference that I visualise is that diplomacy by the child is like an open book while adult does it disguised ways.
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    We can learn something from all. So we can learn from the children also.
    Two days before my granddaughter was asking for a fruit to eat at about 1 PM. My wife told her that she is going for a sleep and give her the fruits after she returns from sleep. Accordingly, my granddaughter waited and ate the fruit after her grandmother finished sleeping. Yesterday it was around 12. 30 PM. My granddaughter went to her grandmother asked her to go for sleep. My wife asked why. now? My granddaughter said to her, " I have to eat fruit after you wake up from your afternoon sleep".
    Definitely, children, these days are coming out with novel ways of getting their works done and people like us from yesteryears should learn from them.

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    Most of the people think that children are the stupid lot and do not know what they are doing. I think it is a wrong concept. Children are much aware of the surroundings and the activities going on there. They might look simpleton but they observe our behaviour time to time and definitely conclude something about us in their tender minds. They also recognise the love of elders for them. In many families children are more close to their grandparents than the other members. Actually whatever diplomacy we do that they keenly see and learn or rather say mimic them.
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