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    Smile in the mirror and see the difference!

    A smile on your face always makes a difference. A simple smile represents many feelings from your heart and creates a pleasent atomsphere in your surroundings. It generates a positive countenance and people would feel comfortable with you.

    I can say a pleasent smile on the face is an art and it is to be learnt with self practising. Because the smile on our face sometimes appears to be dubious unknowingly and the otherside may rate it fake. That's why it is said, "Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life." Yes, check your smile regularly in the mirror and you can see the difference!

    What do you say?
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    A smile, laugh regularly but have not got enough time to stand in front of the mirror to confirm the differences in smiles. It is one of the best exercises for the face muscles like other workouts for the body. It gives us vital energy and interest in our daily routine works.

    Sometimes, I used to make faces with my children when we shared the mirror, that was really funny.

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    Of course, You are right. I too emphasized on smile very recently. I raised a thread that we should smile early in the morning and continue the smile throughout the day, and recharge your smile before going to bed

    What is important is that the mirror you look should be a good mirror. It should not reflect an ugly face. Why I am saying this because the mirror I have in my bedroom is different than the mirror I have in my bathroom. In my bedroom mirror, my face looks different with a different shape with a chubby nose, whereas, my bathroom mirror gives me a feel like a Hero. So I always go to my bathroom mirror and smile.

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    Sometimes our members also bring forth so many jokes in their write-ups that we don't feel like have a mirror.
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    Yes, Smile is a way to avoid any problem and welcome many new opportunities in life.
    Many people are there who have succeeded in their life but still not smiling or happy so when we met them we will not get the positive frequency, but when we meet a simple person who may do not very special but still we get positive frequencies if a smile is there in his/her face. When we smile we look more beautiful than we are. When there is no charges for the smile then what's the problem of some people to give a smile.
    I am not saying that smile will done all your work and solved all problems of your life by I believe that a smiling face makes others come and support, which will also help to solve any problem.

    Swati Sharma

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    Due to the work load and large number of responsibilities some people are always under tension and it reflects from their faces and behaviour. Their stress levels are also high and they only start their work after taking a BP pill in the morning (I have just taken it a few minutes back). So, in such a grim situation the suggestion of author is definitely a ray of light showing us a path in the night of the life and by adhering to such small gestures and things we can derive some happiness and pleasure in our life however momentary it would be. I have seen people suddenly leaving their chair and singing a line of some song loudly and everyone nearby starts laughing for a minute and then the person goes back to complete his or her task as seriously as earlier.
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    Smiling face always attract the people but genuine smile comes on lips when our heart is also happy. Fake smile is caught easily, however, it also works to please the people.

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    If a person is feeling happy and contended his face would tell it. He might have occasional smiles to celibate the mood also. So, smiling alone just with ones image is definitely a reflection of a happy mind.
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    A smile will add always value to our face and it costs nothing. It is good if we see our face in a mirror with a smile on the face and without a smile on the face. The difference will be known very clearly. Some people will always keep a serious look on their face. They appear as if their teeth will be stolen away by somebody if they go on smiling. But they never know how helpful a smile will be. A smile will be always good and it will bring happiness to us and our mind will be clear without any unnecessary thoughts. So one should keep always smiling. Smile to greet others but never laugh at somebody.
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    A smile has the potential to change anything. It may be seen as just a note but we might have felt the difference in many ways in our life. When we travel or is at a gathering or function, we may be viewing many people whom we don't know but we guess their nature by their facial expression or pleasantness. If a person has a smiling face, we feel like approaching them but if they have a dull or grumpy type-face, we may avoid them. At home, if we have done a mistake and we know that we would get beating or shouting from our parents, we would first look at their face to know their feeling and if they have a smiling face, we can at least feel a bit relaxed. The same is carried by us that we might keep a smiling face that can reduce their anger a bit and evade the situation.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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