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    Why not we start living at sea on floating houses?

    This is my first August post. I dream of something different. India has its large seacoast extending to thousands of miles. We have shores on Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Odisha and West Bengal.

    Why not we construct barrier walls on the seashore at a distance of few meters inside the sea and block the sea waves and live on floating houses peacefully in a sea like pool without waves. Of course, such floating houses would be luxury houses affordable by the rich only. The houses can be connected by road bridges. It would create a special atmosphere over the water.

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    Members, What do you feel about my dream. Is it possible? Is it feasible? Your good comments, please.
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    It is a really very good idea and in some low lying countries like Netherlands, many areas are below the sea level and there are canals and rivers in place of the lanes and people move on boats. So, tourist also enjoy this when they visit these places. Going one step ahead for the highly populated countries like India and China, it makes sense to start building residential colonies in the costal sea area. There are some threats also like cyclone and thunderstorm but there are threats everywhere in our life and we should not be afraid of them. If this is adopted by the Govt on a big way then it would give employment to lakhs of people. Once I saw a movie in which due to sea level rising drastically, the land was reduced to bare minimum and people started to live on the ships. It was amazing imagination by the film maker.
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    Living at sea on the floating houses is the stupid idea for many reasons. Indian seas and oceans are known for the strange behavior and even without warning we get high tides and that can capsize the floating house and no one would come for help. Moreover our seas and oceans are patrolled and in the care of coast guards who would not allow encroachment of sea water for other purpose than the fishing. And the seas have wild livings inside the water and during the night time they come up for preys and foods. In that case damaging the floating house is for sure. However the idea can be experienced in the static lakes situated in many cities and towns. But again the lakes are not maintained properly and we see Hyacinth plants taking the toll of the entire lake and thus making further ugly and not fit for living.
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    If there is no land available then probably we have to move to that type of territory also. Then we have to see the logistics also and the infrastructure needed to support that type of world. In East China and some islands nearby people have most of their times on the boats and they sleep also there but in rainy and turbulent times they come back to their homes on land. Anyway it is strange to imagine a world on water.
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    The population is increasing and already we are finding difficulty in having an independent house on the ground and sky-high apartments are seen in many places. In coastal Andhra Pradesh, there are apartments in villages also where the land is very costly. If the same trend continues we may see a floating house on sea waters may become a reality. In this world anything and everything is possible. The author's thought is good. There is a risk factor and these days we can't see any issue without a risk. So let us not think about the risk and accept it is a good thought.
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    Good idea! Suppose you and I are living in the vicinity in two floating houses. If during a heavy storm both houses collide what is going to happen? The water pollution is going to increase manifold and there is no doubt about that but the concept holds good for tourist destinations and not much feasible in a poor country like ours.

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