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    Google AdSense Host API Revenue Sharing Program

    Kindly see my status being displayed as DISABLED, earlier it was ACCEPTED. Did I click any wrong key ?
    Kindly help me.
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    Google is very particular about one thing that one should not click on the advertisements on one's page as it is meant for others and from those other impressions the revenue sharing is created. So, sometimes they take it very seriously and disable the Adsense. But in your case there could be some other problem also and let us wait for the experts from the editorial board who have some good experience in this matter. Recently we discussed one issue in Adsense where some deductions are being done by the Adsense from our account and many of us are seeing that practically there is no earning. There are many helpful threads in this site where you can get more details. One of the recent one is -
    Thread related to Adsense earnings.

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    Thanks for your reply. My application has not been approved yet as I've recently applied to Google AdSense. Actually I was seeing Google AdSense and Most probably I clicked somewhere wrongly. Because when I returned I found my status as DIsabled in place of Accepted.

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    Arafatuzzafar, as per this help thread, there is not much that ISC can do in such issues. It has to be sorted out between you and Google. Refer to the help thread and also this tips for publishers for assistance.
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