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    We should not forget the basic Mathematics

    During the present pandemic the data of the infected persons, deaths, and the recovered ones is being presented by the various countries and everyone is following more and less same convention so that we can compare them and understand the things in a better perspective. That is the practical way of tackling with the situation so that the monitoring and research agencies understand that what is the meaning of that data. But at the same time we should not ignore the basic principles of Mathematics as that could lead to confusion and doubt in the minds of some laymen about the apparent ambiguity in the data.

    Let me put up a simple example that In India let us say that approximately 16,00,000 people are so far (in total) affected and 10,00,000 out of that are recovered and 35,000 died. It means there are remaining cases about 6,00,000 out of which we do not know the death rate but we pray to God that no one dies now.

    So excluding those 6,00,000 I get the basic data that 35,000 people died out of 10,35,000 (10,00,000+35,000). So the death rate is 35,000/10,35,000 = 3.4% (approximately).

    Another thing is recovery rate. So far 10,00,000 are recovered out of 10,35,000 (10,00,000+35,000) which simply means that recovery rate is = 10,00,000/10,35,000 = 96.5% (approximately).

    Let the various Govt present the data whatever way they want either for keeping consistency with other countries or public sentiments but the basic Mathematics that we learned in our school gives the above figures.

    Do you have anything to say on this?
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    I am seeing the Covid related data daily in my mobile to know the effect in our area and I have seen that the data is presented in a particular form and some statistics and charts are given. They might be following some guidelines in this matter.
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    I think the author is correct. We should properly analyse the data.
    If you compare the total population of our country and the number of people affected by this COVID 19, the percentage will be very less. ,138,00,04,385 is the present population of India. People affected by this virus are 16,00,000 only. The percentage will be 0.12% only. Then the death percentage will be very negligible when compared to many other countries.
    The survival rate will be more than 90% when compared to the number of persons who fell sick. But the government is not giving these facts as the people may think the virus is not a threat for them. So they are trying to give the total number of people who got affected by the virus so that people will be scared and they will be cautious and will not take risks.

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    It is true that we get differences in the report when we check various app or media report and this actually rise confusion as to which one is right or correct. If we go through our basic math calculation then we can just get the percentage from the total cases, recovery, death and other reports. The same can be applied to different states to get correct data.

    As per the latest updates as on- 01 August 2020, 08:00 IST from the total sample of 1,93,58,659 as of 31st July'20
    on My Gov site:, Total Cases registered in India is 16,95,988, Active cases are 5,65,103(33.32%), Discharged cases are 10,94,374 (64.53%) and the Deaths reported are 36,511 (2.15%).

    Now, many of us would be keeping a tract of our home state, the state that we are presently residing and an overall data and sometimes, the information we get from the local channel and other media may vary. It is good to have our own calculation to make things clear as every state is trying their best to control the situation and make it function for the people. Do try to have a look at the external media as they tend to provide better facts then local media at times.

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    I also followed data of COVID 19 infected people on a daily basis. One by one...... .. first the cases In the world than in India than in Madhypradesh and finally for my hometown where I am living. I think nowadays maximum persons follow the same one. The cases are increasing day by day because the number of tests also have been increased.
    Agree with members that as per population number of cases and no of death is lesser than some countries, but I think it is just because of less number of the tested sample, on the other hand, there are many people who do not feel any symptoms of corona but may infect. The most important thing is counting will be going on for a long time what we should do is to keep us and others safe until the vaccinization of corona will be started.

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    While the media is highlighting the load case of everyday and coming with headlines which may even cause heart attack to those who are hale and healthy. Most of the television and print media is highlighting the spike in cases but never drawn comparison between the cases, recoveries and deaths. The author has rightly pointed out the set backs in reporting the right data to the people. And one more interesting fact is that more than 80 percent of covid 19 patients recoveries are with they in taking the Khaada the thick decoction recommended by the Ayush ministry and every patient feeling better in three days.
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