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    The power of chanting Mantras

    We have been listening to chanting many mantras from our childhood especially Gayatri Mantra.
    All believe that chanting mantra leads to spiritual and personal development of a person, even now it is also considered by science.

    This mantra also has importance while meditating, we know the difference between chanting and meditating. The mantra is repeated repeatedly in chanting , but while meditating then mantra in mental chanting is done in the mind.

    I have also been reciting Gayatri Mantra from a very young age, but one thing that confused me a little is that I should chant this Mantra in my mind or say it out loudly.

    Does chanting mantra in mind is more effective than to say it loudly.
    Members tell me your thoughts
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    Having been a Psychology student, I can only say that whether one chants slowly or loudly the basic aim of chanting Mantras is to divert mind from worldly worries. It is like the normal prayer people make while worshipping God.
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    Concentrating your mind on the Mantra and reciting it in your mind will be the best. When you chant the mantra loudly. your mouth will be doing that work but your mind may be thinking something else. But if you start chanting in your mind only you can concentrate on the mantra more and your mind will be peaceful without any worries. Many times we hear that meditation is nothing but concentrating your mind on a particular mantra and repeating inside a number of times. The same effect will be there if you chant Gayathri Mantram inside you without thinking anything else.
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    In most Kerala based people's houses there is a practice of doing Bagavath Seva which is a pooja to Amman or Sakthi or Bagavathi. This is very grand one to do in houses according to them. Once my co brother intended to do the pooja in his house and he asked me whether there is people in our area for doing that pooja. I approached in almost all my Malayala friends and at last I have been given a address of one senior person. I approached him and on his instructions we arranged for pooja in our co brother's house. On the day the person came early to our house and did the pooja well. When he starts the pooja, as I know the slokas chanted by him, I joined with him. He showed his hand to me to stop from chanting by me. I did so. After completing everything he told me separately that the chanting should be done with some special pronunciations as it differs from pooja and parayana krama. Further he told me that a separate vibrations will come into us while chanting the mantras and the mantras are also giving energy in us which is not an explainable one but realised.

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    Recitation of Mantras would help us from diverting our minds from the present worries. It is a of lessening of our tension and stress. The best way of managing our stress is to spare some time for the recitation of Mantras knowing its full meaning so that we can have the understanding of the theme behind such a Mantra.
    In case, we pronounce the mantas loudly, it may not produce the full effect. Adopting chanting of mantas with the full concentration understanding the whole meaning without whispering the same would indicate that we are fully absorbed with the said Mantra. This will create more favourable impact.

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    It has been found from experience ad studies that chantig of Mantras with right intonation and concentration brings positive efects. It also works as a form of collective prayer also.

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    It is the fact that Mantras have the vibrating tendencies in our mind and the place where it is being recited. And when the Mantras are recited in groups that would create more interest and sort of religious attachment is felt. Even one need not recite but sitting in that hall becomes great and give us the divine feeling. If the Mantras were told in the temple the interest would be further escalated and that is further more feeling. But telling Gayatari Mantra in the morning in our mind voice would bring the best experience of being more religious towards and self and gives mental satisfaction.
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    All responses are very useful to me,

    I also reciting a mantra in my mind because my grandmother told me in my childhood to do so .. but she did not give the reason after sometimes when I asked she told me ..girls should not speak loudly but I never agreed on this reason...... but finally, I got to know the fact with the correct reason.

    Thank you so much for all your responses.

    Swati Sharma

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    The main idea behind Mantra is meditation. It is the engagement of mind in superior quest for knowing the unknown in the universe and connecting with him. During the recitation of the Mantra our mind should be concentrated in it such a way that no worldly thoughts should disturb or divert us. Some people do it loudly to achieve the focus as when you undertake it in your mind the outside noises and sounds can distract your attention and the meditating process would get halted. So loudness is to help in concentration. Practical aspect is that when you are chanting the Mantras loudly then others would be knowing it so clearly and vividly and would not disturb you. Of course they can very well join you. Individual chanting of the Mantras give solace and calm to the individual while collective or group chanting gives energy to the whole space where such activities are conducted. In some religions, group offerings of prayers are very common to take advantage of this fact. They also help in uniting the community for a common goal.
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