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    Don't drink water after eating banana: WHY IS IT SO?

    It's often advised with caution by elder's to not to drink water after eating banana immediately. It's alright to drink water before eating banana. I have been always curious to know the reason behind this advise. But, somehow the reasons used to be vague.
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    Banana is a heavy fruit having similar nutrients that are available in our drinking water. If we drink water immediately after eating a banana the stomach will be heavy and it will take more time for digestion and you may be having the problem of indigestion also. That is why many doctors advise not the drinking water after eating a banana. They say we should strictly avoid cold water after eating a banana. Even drinking a good amount of water before eating a banana is also not suggested.
    If the process of absorption and digestion becomes slow it will lead to acidity in our tummy. This is will lead to inconvenience and other problems.

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