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    Which member would have got maximum responses for a thread?

    Over these 13 years of existence ISC has been creating records of sorts and in the recent research being initiated by Venketiswaran is coming with wonderful facts about the past. Apart from GD topics and one word topics initiated by the ISC, which member got the maximum number of responses to which post? This would give the reasoning as to how the members like what kind of threads to be hoisted and how the responses would be forthcoming if the thread initiated has the interesting mentions in it? Some research please.
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    One has to break his head to search for the thread that had maximum responses. Mohan being the senior member, can do research on his own suggestion.

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    It requires a lot of patience and time. Searching for a particular topic or for a particular thread may be Ok. But seeing the number of replies for each thread and then we have to decide. I am not able to understand how we can do it.
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    Mohanji, the thought put forward by you is very good but the amount of work that will take is tough as it is very difficult to open or go through every thread and note the number of responses that post received. As mentioned by SuN(#706359), I think only senior members would be knowing about various threads and members who were very active and came up with some unique threads so it needs detailing and patience.
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    It is indeed a difficult task for a member to look into the responses and decide but the backend working that is the administrative staff has statistical data which can give quick results if it is a part of the software.

    As a member individually, we can ourselves have a clear picture of the number of responses. If we put all the replies related to threads by each and every member together then also we can get the information.

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    In the past. ISC posts were interesting, and the members were enthusiastic to respond to the posts. But these days, even if we raise an interesting post, members are not interested to respond. There are very few active members who regularly post their responses for the sake of earning points only. Many threads are not attended to. It is not that the thread invites responses, it is the members who show their interest to respond.

    Hence, I would say that it would be a futile exercise to do research as to which thread or whose thread had received maximum responses.

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    There is no compulsion on the members to waste time, those who have the niche to create research and get back the information would be appreciated.
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    There is no question of compulsion, and you cannot compel the ISCians to do research. As I said earlier, it would be a futile exercise even if someone has a niche to create research. How the research would benefit any ISCian or ISC?

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