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    Why it is happening to me? What's wrong with me?

    Due to lockdown, I was/am inside the home. My movement outside my home is restricted due to age and COVID fear. However, I want to go out for a small morning or evening walk.
    In June, I thought of commencing my daily morning walk with effect from July first. I could not.
    In July, I thought of commencing my daily morning walk with effect from August first. I could not.
    Now, I have planned to commence my morning walk w.e.f 15th August. Will I?

    What's wrong with me? Why I am failing? What is lacking in me?
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    Is it really necessary to go out at your age? Instead, go to the rooftop and walk as much as you can. I agree it will not be like a long morning or evening walk inside the park or around your locality but when the situation is such why should you take a chance? The mind works differently according to the situation. You may want to go out but after listening to all the news and reading various information about the pandemic there is something resisting you not to take such actions. Your mind is playing the tricks.

    Stay well, stay indoors and remain active on ISC.


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    Once we stop our regular practices, it will be very difficult to start again. I used to work on a treadmill. But when I was in my native place I discontinued the same and after coming back also I couldn't start. Daily this is a point of discussion between me and my wife. But I am not feeling like restarting. Just I am walking inside my balcony for 15 to 20 minutes.
    I think the reason may be laziness or lack of enthusiasm. We have to start the same somehow. Once we start we may not stop again I feel. You have fixed a date to restart. But I have not so far fixed a date for the same.

    always confident

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    Just now I came across the news from WHO that the pandemic is going to be there for much months in future and it will not die soon nor can be eradicated. And the vaccine project across the globe would take another one year and by June or July next year only we can see the respite from the pandemic. In this situation being old and venturing out for walking is inviting the virus to the home for free. If at all you want to walk , do it inside your house and you make so many rounds. You may not get the satisfaction but some thing exercise has been done instead of sitting waste all these days.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Giving rest to your body will make it more lazy, so engage your body in physical work at home. Don't fix any date for morning walk, rather, taking all pre-emptive steps start it from today. No matter how many other morning joggers are besides you, by keeping a vast distance from them start walking/jogging.

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    I totally agree with Sankalan Bhattacharya. Senior citizens have been advised to stay indoors due to their vulnerability and a lot of selfless groups have come together to provide provisions and other help for those staying alone. What is this urge to resume walks? Walk inside your own home. You may take all the necessary precautions when you are outside and on returning, but are others doing so? Besides, your few minutes outdoors may make others in the home also vulnerable.

    As for what's wrong with you - that is nothing but mere anxiety that has arisen from staying indoors for months on end. I, too, felt it when I stepped out for the first time to buy essential provisions. There was no panic, worry or fear, just this anxiousness and being conscious about every movement due to the presence of the unwanted guest roaming around - was my mask slipping? was I standing far enough away from the vegetable vendor? would the customer standing nearby who was sniffling be a danger to me? All these anxious thoughts would spring to mind. Once I had stepped out on two or three more occasions, the anxiety no longer prevailed. Just calm, knowing exactly what precautions I need to take outside and indoors on coming home. It became a routine, then, and, in fact, a childish excitement prevailed, at the opportunity to step out to the bakery and get goodies, buy something like colourful bell peppers or small baby potatoes, etc. On one occasion, it was also thrilling to finally be able to buy a gas lighter! Such little delights can overcome all anxiety, but, really, stay home, stay safe. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of others, too.

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    Sir, Its really good to take care of your selves and thinking about walking, but I think its good that you did not start your walk. I am living with a joint family and in my home including my parents there are 7 members who should not go outside as per their age and all those members were habitual for a morning walk, but we did not allow them may seem so bad to ordered your elders for to do or not to do something but this time is very critical and we could not take any risk with any of these elder member of the family as they are precious for us and we always need them ..same way you are also precious for many people so please take care of your selves, be at home, don't go outside, not for a while. Do yoga and walking but please continue it at your terrace as already suggested by other members.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    I really wonder where is the magic eight missing in Sun's life. It is not as easy to say that we can stay in and follow new ways besides walking. The mental and physical pleasure that one gets from walking is entirely different.

    My relative who was walking regularly in sharing her love and care between two daughters living in the same city became a habitual walker but since pandemic has cut all her ways of moving out ended up with severe knee pain. She was always active even after attaining 65 years of power-packed workloads. This situation has made her move towards the addiction of medicines.

    We have to give ourselves the mental stability that life has to be led in a different way now and we have to get adjusted to such an environment.

    Lead the leader

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    There is nothing wrong with you. It's advice that senior citizens as having less immunity so are more prone to the disease so they should stay home as much as they can.

    It's better that you may have a walk in the home corridor or the rooftop. It's not at all necessary that you should go out to the park for the walks.


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    I appreciate your sentiment. However, think of the pandemic situation obstructing you to go outside for a walk. You are definitely enthusiastic and eager to move out for a walk. You are well aware of the current sensible situation and so take up some alternative way of movement inside your home. Roof balcony would suit you best if there is such a provision. There is always a solution of the different issues. Your age and the present situation is prohibiting you to go ahead with your mission. I wish you all the best in the times ahead when again you will remain active with all hobbies.

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    In the present pandemic situation many people are facing such difficulties as their normal life is affected to less or more extent. We were habitual of going for walk outside and now it is being told as risky especially for the senior citizens. Now there is no way out except follow the regulations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Once you are accustomed to a particular pattern of life then it becomes very difficult to cope up with the changed scenario. I think it might be happening with many of us. Now from individual to individual it varies as some cope up with it so easily while some suffer. I am almost sailing in the same boat as I have lost about 4-5 hours of my outdoor life. I used to go to a nearby park in the morning at 7 only to return at 10 after doing some walking, voluntary work, chit chat with friends and even a cup of tea in a nearby tea stall and other indulgences with my senior citizen group. Then in the evening I used to go to market for 1-2 hours for various petty jobs and shopping etc and I enjoyed the outing much. Today I am constrained to stay within the four walls of the house. Due to eye and other health problems I cannot devote all those hours in ISC or similar place in internet. So frankly speaking something is happening to me also and there is something wrong with me also. You are not alone in this ordeal.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Sun sir,
    For the very first time I came to know that you are a senior citizen. Certainly your name isn't your original name too. But I would certainly say that the name you have chosen to be displayed in ISC gives you the best answer to the dilemma you are facing these days.
    Sun never changes its position. It's a static body. Yet it is a source of light for everyone. Not only this the morning of everyone begins when it shines. Sun never panics for it's stationery position rather it has maintained such an aura that people urge every night to see it in the morning.

    I suggest you to develop a more creative side of yours and become a sun for the kids. You may start online classes for kids and connect with them. Kids will not only refresh your mind but will also wait eagerly for you everyday. Even if you are telling them online moral stories everyday that will become a habit of the tiny tots to connect with you everyday.

    Instead of going outside you may go for morning and evening walks on the rooftop or in the balcony of yours.

    You may even Start a gardening habit in the morning. Going outside is usually a craving for people to connect and spend sometime with nature. If you start planting and gardening procedures at your home you will get the same feeling which you will get after morning walk.
    I have a habit of painting walls. This gives me immense satisfaction when I am indoor. You may even start doing this; if not wall then on a canvas placed on the top of your roof amidst the natural climate under the open sky.

    These things will keep you indulged throughout the day and you won't realize that you are at home. Hope you like the suggestions and may you start working upon them soon.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    This pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people. You are not a single person whose daily life has affected but many of us facing this situation. As mentioned by the author you are a senior citizen. So you should avoid going outside. If you go outside it may be more vulnerable as old people having weak immunity system. Sitting idle at home gives laziness so you should indulge in the indoor activity. Most of the people who habituated to go outside nowadays they are doing indoor activities. Nothing wrong with you, we will have to accept this changing life.

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    I like the way you all said it.
    Monika said that I should be like Sun. Sun too have difficulties. Sun is also blocked by clouds.
    Many suggested rooftops. Presently the rooftops are occupied by all the people of the apartment. Hence rooftops are not recommended for use.
    What is recommended is a straight road where there is no traffic.
    I sincerely hope that the situation will become normal within a few months. We are at unlock 3.0 and are free to move anywhere.
    I will resume my routine w.e.f 15th August, Independence Day, positively.

    No life without Sun

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    When we discontinue something we develop laziness. The inertia becomes more.
    It is better not to venture outside for the sake of going out. You can go out for some essential matters. Making a good planning you can make the outing time less. It is better to keep it less than 30 minutes. Better not to delay more than 10 minutes at any place. Keep distance from the next nearest person. Of course sanitise and hand washing, mask etc too.
    Now, regarding physical activity or exercise Just walk around the house/walk insider the house or just do some stretching, bending, stationery jogging etc indoors. Make it 10 minutes at one session. You can make three sessions in a day. That is enough for keeping you minimally fit and active.

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