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    How can we overcome our addictions?

    A major percentage of people will be having some addictions. Some can't do any work without having tea in the morning. Similarly, there are many habits which will become addictions like to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, lying or gambling. We know some families that are completely got ruined because of these addictions.

    Unless otherwise, the person who got addicted to such habits decides himself to come out of that habit, it is not possible to come out of that habit. If the individual takes a decision then he has to make a plan for the process of quitting with a target date and he has to work towards that goal with the help of professionals who can guide him properly.

    A point to discuss and I request the learned members to come out with their views on this.
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    Most of us take a resolution on the New Year that this year we will give up our particular bad habit, but so few succeed. We all have some habits good or bad, If we take morning tea habit means something which the body automatically gives a signal to have it and if it is not get in time then you may feel frustrated and irritated just feel not to do anything without having tea. To leave a habit, it is necessary to determined first , when something is overtaken by our subconscious mind that it becomes a habit so the next step should be to create a different positive thought for the same habit. Family care loved ones and meditation can help someone to get rid of these bad habits.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Addiction is kind of slavery where an addicted person has no control on himself and when inner urge overpowers he can't resist from taking the drugs he's addicted whereof like crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, scopolamine, purple drank, marijuana, AH-7921, flakka, bath salt, whoonga and krokodil etc. He should realize that how his addiction is harmful for his life. His own family can't be happy if he's addicted to some harmful and highly dangerous drugs. Dangerous drugs destroy him physically, mentally and also economically. In this situation family members should realize how important role they have to play, he needs their support to come out of shackles of drugs-slavery.

    Habit of taking tea, coffee, cold drink etc is simply a part of our lives.

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    When a bad action or indulgence becomes our habit and we become slave to it then it is almost like an addiction and it is said that addiction of anything is not good in our lives as it makes a compulsion to go for that whether our inner 'I' like that or not. In our scriptures and holy books many scholars have mentioned that we should try to get rid of our addictions in the early stages lest they would start dwelling in us permanently and then there would not be any solution to get rid of them. Still there are methods which are advised by the experts in this subject and as per that diverting our mind to positive and constructive activities and avoiding the company of other addicted people might help us in this matter to some extent.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Any habit that is formed from childhood is difficult to change but the habits formed while growing may be taken care if planned properly. It is not that the habit that one has cannot be changed but it needs dedication, interest, proper guidance, a goal and loved ones who can motivate them for the task. Many a time such addiction needs self-confidence and love which is the key element to make them leave that addiction.

    I have seen many people coming out of their alcohol, cigarettes, gutka, etc addiction when they start loving their family and especially seeing their children whom they love. They will never want to be far from their children and would like to change and come out of it when their children tell them

    When we say addiction, it is very difficult to come out of it as one feels its habit and if you don't get that thing on the time, you feel frustrated, hyper, loses self-control, etc and it is only through love, positive view and realistic expectations that can keep you out of that addiction.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Addictions can be eliminated provided it is newly developed one and in order to refrain from such habits. pay attention to the critics and learn how their comments would hurt you. If you are habituated with Gutka, you might have seen that you cannot speak further unless you spit the material collected inside your mouth. Otherwise project your mouth upward gazing at sky and complete your utterance. Your critics will have different comments for such a posture. Your friends would not comment on such addictions but the reaction may come from your critics. Sometimes you might have disfigured the walls of the conference room due to this addiction. To get rid of this obstinate addiction, take the help of well wishers and develop your will power so that you could tackle the situation confidently.

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    Getting addicted to a product, act and even with a person is the way of life and it is the natural happening out of attraction and quality of the approach from other side. Addiction to cigarette, alcohol and even costly dressing were induced on us by others. And all this addictions can takes place when the money is available and it is in our control. Once the money flow is stopped and the addictions habits will also to stop to some extent. There are people who want to beg, steal and borrow even when they do not have money to prolong their habits. But again somewhere in their heart it would pinch them deeply and try to change their attitude.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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