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    Teachers being diplomatic with students

    A classroom is a mix of students being accumulated from various cultures and environment under one roof.

    Students may possess ego, a few dull, domineering students, difficult students, enthusiastic, responsive students and so on. Teachers have to complete the portions, educate the students to provide knowledge about the concepts within the stipulated time frame.

    It is the ability of a teacher to be diplomatic and ensure harmony in the classroom. Handle difficult students so that it does not hurt the student's minds and also does not affect the class. This tactful ability is essential for better learning.

    Entry for TOW contest for the week-Diplomacy
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    Diplomacy is everywhere, in every relation which is good in many ways
    Teachers have the ability to understand their student's minds then only they are considered to be good teachers, only to teach someone is not enough for being a good teacher. Students have a different capability to gain knowledge in different subjects, a diplomatic teacher can use this talent to know the student's mind.
    A diplomatic teacher can positively change both the direction and situation of the life of a student. In education, it is necessary to have personal qualifications along with academic qualifications.
    A teacher must be a good advisor for students so they help students to guide them for a good path in life.

    Swati Sharma

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    In a classroom there are all sort of students - brilliant, mediocre, dull, cordial, aggressive, notorious and like that. Teacher's role is very crucial as he or she has to manage the class in an amicable way. He has to teach in an average way and should not just carry away with the meritorious ones. There some students who are very sensitive and easily hurt by small remarks and even soft banging and teacher has to be very careful with that type of students. Dealing with students in a positive and successful way is the main thing required from a teacher apart from his academic capabilities. So, the teacher has to be very alert and of course diplomatic also.
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    We cannot say that teachers are diplomatic with teachers but it the quality that every teacher have to handle students with different characteristic, qualities, talents, behaviour, etc. Every teacher will have to be patient, sometimes tough, sometimes funny, sometimes motivating, sometimes strict and at times need to close their eye and hear so that students do not feel hurt. In their teacher's training, it is taught to handle children of different ages, behaviour, background, religion, etc so that they can take the class as a whole i.e. together without making any student or children left-out. We can say that teachers with the diplomacy may be able to handle them better but its nature or quality that is required or taught to them so that they handle every student and situation with utmost care without hurting the sentiments and emotions of their children.
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    How to handle each student in a class strength of 40 is a challenging job and that needs to be tackled with diplomatic effort by the teacher. She should not show favoritism to one child nor she should over act on a particular student who is adamant and not following the instructions. What I feel that instead of shouting hard, coercing methods, a student would be ready to mend ways if he was called politely and asked to do the things in play way method and cracking jokes in between and thus a teacher has to mind the class in such a way that they not only listen to her but also make great progress.
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    There are many types of students. Some students will be very shrewd and they can grasp things very fast. They even may not get any doubts and may not ask many questions also. Some students will be mediocre. They will be hearing the teacher very carefully and asking for some doubts. But the third type of students is dull. They will not understand the subject and at the same time, they will not ask even questions only. The teacher should be able to understand the calibre of the students and he should diplomatically ask questions to such people and get answers from them. In this, a way diplomacy to a teacher will be useful.
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