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    Who is a true friend in life? - Happy Friendship Day!

    Friendship day is over. We did not discuss anything about friendship except that we all wrote a small story on friendship. The contest has made us forget to raise a thread on friendship. Better late than never. Here I wish to know the true friendship. As per your understanding, who is a real friend? Define "True Friend".
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    Friend is a general term and in general to meet our gregarious needs we start friendship with many people in and around our neighbourhood, in our college time, in our working place, and even in our relations. But with only a few like minded people we enter into a serious friendship where we even start to confide our personal matters of grief and glory with those select fews. As the friendship progresses we also start helping each other in academic, social or financial matters. Many times the families belonging to these two people also bind closely due to the said friendship. This is the basic premises on which the true friendship rests. Generally it is seen that such friends remain friends for the entire lifetime due to the subtle bonds of friendship generated between them. A true friend is one who maintains these bonds and relationship for a longer time irrespective of ups and downs in one's life.
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    We have a proverb, " A friend in need is a friend indeed". But, such friends are not available while putting in the kettle. If such friend is got then it is the luckiest thing in the world because a friend is living up to the end of our life. So many movies are being come on the concept of friendship but in real life that could not be appeared to our naked eyes. In fact, nature is our true friend. There is no separate definition for true friendship. For the definition, nature is correctly suitable because it gives whatever we cherish or not cherish from it. Mother and father are true friends. The teacher is a true friend. Like this, definitions can be more and more we get while searching. If all the above-mentioned ones have exactly appeared in our life, then, there is no doubt at all that we have in true friendship.
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    As per me the true friend is one who knows all about us and yet like us very much. A true friend will be with us at the good and bad times. And those who visit us during the low and challenging time of our life is the true friend as he has the feelings and concerned about our life and welfare. There are friends who eye our spend thrift ideas and be with us as long as we spend for them, and as soon as they discover we turned pauper, they discard us and even would not care us. We need not trust such friends who are fly by night nature and those who sustain with us all through the life is the great friend and we must respect him. By the way a friend should not be weighed through his money spending attitude, but his like and his concern about us all through the day and life. But such friends are rare and we can count on them.
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    In my opinion, a true friend is one who is with me not only in my joys and sorrows, but friend stays with us if we had made any mistake and feels bad also for the same, this time a friend will not criticize us like others.
    My mother become my friend when I was in class 9th, she supported me in any terms, I used to share my all thoughts and secrets with her, she was my advisor but the situation is changed now, now my mothers take all advice from me and also she shared every moment of her day with me, for me my Mumma is my true friend.
    Friendship is nothing but a bond that connect us with someone to whom we can trust like ourselves and be original with them.

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    True friendship is a relationship which is not of blood but of understanding, supporting, standing with us always and being there for us in every situation. We already had a contest Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge where the participants have shown different colours of friendship in a form of short stories. The stories have a different title like Recognize the best friend, Faith in Friendship Wins, A story of divine friendship, A kind-hearted friend, Found a friend, Friendship is a God's Act, A friend in need, Laughter fairy unites old friends, Brave and Soft-hearted Friends, Destined cord of friendship, The warmth of friendship, A true and kind gesture, The mysterious friendship, Sacrifice thy name is Friendship, Friendship: The succour for life and The innocent friendship which is the different view of friendship that is depicted through the short story. The definition of a true friend changes for everyone and as given in the stories by members, we can say that a friend has different shades which are always felt when needed without even asking but through mutual understanding.
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    Actually, friendship day is celebrated today in many countries and I'm sure everyone's WA is flooded with greetings! The one that went by was what is referred to as international friendship day.

    So wishing everyone many warm wishes - make new friends, keep in touch with the ones you do have. Give a call, chat with them. The warmth conveyed through a voice can never be replaced by text on a gadget.

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    Yes. Friendship day is celebrated today and I received many messages.
    A true friend never expects anything from us. He will try to help us as and when we require any help from him. A friend in need is a friend indeed is the proverb we all hear many times. If anybody is suffering, it is the responsibility of any human being to help such a person and see that the person will be out of the problem. If such a problem comes to our friend if we are not helping him we can't be considered a friend.
    Krishna and Kuchela were the students of the same Guru. When Krishna was feeling hungry, Kuchela never gave the food he had with him. But when Kuchela was in serious poverty. Lord Krishna helped him without thinking that the other person never helped him. Such people who help others without thinking the other person helped us or not are real friends. Real friends are very rare and many friends will be friends only to get from the other person.

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    I wish you all a Happy Friendship Day. Everybody will define true friendship in their own terms and there you will find most of the things common. So, I am not going to define anything new but would say only that a situation determines who is a true friend or not and for that one has to wait.

    Stay well and do keep in touch with all your friends.


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    As per my view true friend is one who has capability to stand with you in all up and down of life. Nowadays true friend is very rare. Most of the friendship is based on vested interest. They make a friend only for fulfilling their self-desire. In older times, a true friend was present such as Lord Krishna and sudama friendship was true friendship. These days it is very difficult to get a true friend. Only fortunate people can get a chance.

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    One who stands by you every moment when you are in trouble and tries his best to find the solution of the problem and he never leaves you in lurch whatsoever, is your real friend.

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    From our childhood days, we make friends. When we first joined the school and attended the first-day class, after returning from school mother asks " did you make friends?". So it a general behaviour in most of us to make new friends as and when the environment, place changes but same way some of us forget old friends, do not contact them regularly, lose touch and move ahead in our own lives.

    How many of your friends are with you for more than five, ten or twenty years? If you have got at least one then he or she is your real friend.

    A true friend is one who is staying with us in happiness and sorrow, taking part in all our success and guiding us in our losses, shouldering us through their advice, walking hand in hand giving moral values.

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    It's a tough question. True friend is a person who is always with you in your joys and sorrows. He is always ready to help you in need although he may not be in a position to do so. A person who knows everything about you and keep your secrets. A person who is blunt on your face and doesn't fear of saying you wrong if you are wrong.

    But it's very hard to find true friend these days as everyone is selfish now a days and don't care for others. People show off that they are your friend but they change colour when you need them.


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    Nowadays it is difficult to get a true friend as people are becoming more self centred and selfish. Still, a good friendship is a thing to cherish and in fact a good friend is one who remains a friend even in times of adversity in our lives.
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    It is rare to see a person without a friend. The importance of a true friend is admired by Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar as 'Udukkai izhanthavan kai pola aange udhavuvathaam natpu'. This means a friendship is helpful to one as the hand helps him when his hip dress is getting loosed.
    A good friend is:
    a. one who took phone immediately whenever you call him
    b. He should be in a position to justifiably advise you in any problem
    c. He should be in a position to pacify you when you are in sorrow and extend his help in your need hours
    d. He should be as a person keeping your secret matters confidential
    e. He should offer his help without expectation from you

    Recent researches revealed that:
    a. Immunity power increases if one have friends as his mind feels fresh on meeting them regularly
    b. Memory power holds normal if one have friends

    This thing is common both side as we should be and our friend should be a friend as mentioned above.

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