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    Creativity requires sustained efforts

    Can creativity be acquired very easily? Or does it require some sustained effort to become creative and also sustain it for the long term? An interesting analysis on this has been brought out here.

    Everyone wants to be creative in one way or other. Some depict it through writing while others have interest in painting or, say, in crafts. Then there are others who excel in public speaking while many others who have interest in performing arts like drama or theatre and try to get expertise in that. Creativity can be acquired in myriad of ways in many areas and fields and there is enormous scope and potential everywhere. So, what stops a person in becoming expert or acquire proficiency in one's area of interest? The answer to this question is not straightforward as there are many slips between the cup and the lips. Still, I have firm notions that if a person does sustained and commensurate hard work to achieve one's objective then it is not difficult to become a successful creative person in one's line of interest. The word 'sustained' has a very big significance and importance in these endeavours. What do the members opine about it?
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    Creativity cannot be achieved over the period of time. It needs courage, interest, and above all a niche to create a different show case than others. Some may be casting spell that what ever we are doing is the foolish thing and even criticize us for being out of box category. If that kind of observation starts trickling in, then it is damn sure that we are in the path of attaining sustained presence with our creative idea and those who discarded us in the beginning would show interest and even try to ascertain our success story. And cannot ape the success story of the others simply because one has to spend time and energy for every winning situation.
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    Consistency is the most essential thing to keep on improving yourself physically, mentally, financially or achieving your target or obtaining some skills or creating something unique etc. Consistency is the essence of one's characteristics, success and achievements. All the successful stories are the outcome of consistency.

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    Patience is the most important key, If a person wants to be creative in a field then one should have to keep patience until the target is achieved. There are many people all have their interests and hobbies, they choose fields per their interests and enjoy working on it. When a person wants to do new creativity and wanna be the best or enhance skills then one must do hard work, be motivated and consistency in his work are would be there in his efforts then only one can bring creativity in the work. Sometimes this process takes a long time then your estimation, then don't lose the hope it may be time taking process but it will make you best in your field.
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    Creativity can be regarded as a gift of God and may not be the cup of tea for all. That is why everyone can't become a singer or everyone can't become a poet. Even though we know all rules of making a poem and even though we have much vocabulary, we may not be able to make a good poem. Similarly, we can learn music from a renowned person but we may not become a good singer.
    As mentioned by the author some creativity works like content writing, painting etc. can be practised and by putting sustained efforts we may understand the technic well and we may be able to make a good presentation. I have seen some people who developed such creative skill with their hard work for days together in the art and are able to obtain a good hold on that particular area.
    One of my high school friends never practised music until he completed his +2. But late on he started singing and playing the veena . He focussed on those two and become an expert and he is a very well known musician these days in his area of staying.

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    For any work, be it in studies, be it in work, be it in school, group and even sports, arts, music, etc, we need to have a creative mind. Now, when we talk about creativity, it is not that we can have it in a wink of an eye or with a snap of your finger. There are many who can be creative in their first attempt to be in that position, we need to be created every time and it needs experience, consistency, brainstorming, and be well versed with reading or watching things around you. There are people who can get great ideas even they are talking with someone, travelling, watching movies or TV, playing games, chit-chatting with friends, bathing, reading books, novels or magazines, etc. The person who reads a lot has a better chance of being creative as they are used to many types of stories and the same with people who watch movies, TV, travel.
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