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    New meaning of ISC- Indulge Sustain Creative

    Ever since the inception of this great site I have been closely watching the performances of great members and came to the conclusion that those who indulged in the site with their deep heart and could continue their presence with sustained contributions through creative writing are the winners all through and there is no question of seeing back. I always take the example of Pramod who become the highest scorer and ranked first in this site and I could see him in the past with continued and yet sustained presence with great contribution in job section. He must come back.
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    Your new meaning to ISC is not appreciated by me. I don't know about others. You are talking about only very few members who joined, sustained and contributed (not created). It is hardly 0.001 percent of 10 lakh members registered at ISC.
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    If you are not agreeing with my meaning of ISC then come out with your version.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    You have mentioned about ISC that it is a place to contribute and progress in a creative way. There is no second opinion about it. This is a great site for not only for the beginners but for the seasoned writers also. There are many sections and one can choose out of that as per one's interest and liking. A large number of people are coming to this site for asking questions or for participating in the forum section or for submission of their articles or for the other activities but only a few are staying and getting benefitted by their sustained contributions. This is nothing special as there are many other internet sites where hundreds of people are registering and then after a few days leaving it. So everywhere in internet same thing is happening. I am working as a contributor in one of the sites in internet where daily some new authors are registering but hardly one out of hundred is staying for long. The reason is you do not get any income from that site until unless you have at least 40-50 high quality or 300-350 medium quality articles. On the contrary, in ISC, you get earnings (Whatever it is) from the end of 2-3 months of joining. The business model on which ISC is based is entirely different from the other sites in internet. There are some sites where you have to pay something like $5 every month for getting your good quality articles published and then only advertising revenue would be shared with you. In this scenario ISC is one site which gets admiration from its members often and I think it deserves those accolades.
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    True. There is scope for performing to the people who are interested. As explained by the previous author you can contribute in any of the sections you want and you need not spend anything for publishing articles. In addition, we will get some CC from the articles. That is what made this site interesting to many members. So I appreciate Mohan for his thinking and suggesting a new meaning to ISC.
    But many members are not very active and they come once in a while only. The reason maybe they are busy otherwise.If they also participate regularly the site may be busier and we will have many more postings and we can learn more from different people.

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    Before getting introduced to the online world of writing in internet, I was writing stories in Hindi and sending them by ordinary mail to the publishers who many times sent them back to me for corrections or even after rejecting them. It was really a cumbersome process but I got a few of them published in the leading Hindi magazines and enjoyed that activity. Now after working online the scenario is quite changed and there are so many opportunities online for creative writers or contributors. When I got introduced to ISC, I found that it was a site where so many options were there. Though recently it has focussed more to educational matters and story, poem, and recipes would be less acceptable here but there are many other activities like contests, forum, Ask Experts, and article section which keep people like me also engaged and happy. So, I am indulging in my creative work here in a sustained way.
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    I do not have much experience in writing on the internet but if some asked me how did you start your career in writing field then my answer would be ISC, I have no word to thank ISC to give me this opportunity before ISC I published m thoughts on as blogs, but when I found IS I got to know there are so many talented writers over there I have too much to learn from them. ISC is a platform from where I started my written career with this hope that today what I am getting from it I will give it return by becoming a creative writer. I feel proud to be a part of this creative website and always work with ISC for long life. I want to thank to all team of ISC.
    Swati Sharma

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