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    Be aware of all cheats now...

    The Corona Virus has disturbed all of us. We are mostly confined to our homes and since we now have no choice, we rather end up watching all the same movies again and again. Of course, chatting with old friends is one plus point.

    And then we also need to be aware of cheats. There are very cunning guys who virtually fake the illness of some near relative. Serious enquiries and threat of reporting to police will give away all the evil designs of such cheats. There are thousands who somehow feel pity on all such people and give cash or food and so on. We need to be very cautious and ensure that we are not carried away by such sob stories, ninety per cent of which is always false.

    We need to help those who really need help. This is already being done by hundreds of volunteers. We can support such noble causes but not get cheated by the crooks who are all around us.
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    Cheating takes place all through the life and through various methods for those who are the regular habitat to take refuge in new ideas that emanate out of social weakness. Some people are seen acting on the road as if they have fainted and could not sustain the hungry due to no work and no salary syndrome and so on. Many are coming forward to help and even give the temporary job, but how long this takes place and for some it has become a cheating earning business and we have to access such persons and then help otherwise we are fooled with the fact that we are helping a cheater and regular offender.
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    To help someone is a good thought but one should not be so emotional that can not make difference between true and lie or right or wrong. Many people are there who have a good personality to do some work still they do not want to do any sort of work because of some emotional people who always there without any assumption.
    To help someone is a basic value of our life which we have learned in our childhood by our family but when one should always be aware and alert when helping someone, otherwise your help will go to the wrong person.

    Swati Sharma

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    Despite skeptical about the person asking for help might be lying, I help him because I've no scale to know who is really in need of money and who is pretending to be in need. If I stop helping them the genuine person will be deprived of his due right. By the way, what is the logic to investigate or enquire so much when I'm not going to give him more than 10 rupees, even a child will chuck away 10 bucks. However, if I'm seriously helping him with so much amount like 5K to10 k so that he could start, at least, vegetable vending business instead of begging, then I'll definitely investigate his matter deeply.

    Anyway, this my take.

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    I was near a cinema theatre waiting for a bus in Vizag. AP. This was the incident that happened in the 1980s. In that theatre, a new movie of the hero of those days NTR's movie was released. S big queue for the tickets. A beggar cama and asking for help. I gave him 25 paise. He was asking me to give another 25 paise so that he can see that movie by purchasing a ticket which was costing 50 paise those days. I thought I did a mistake by giving him that 25 paise and I thought I should have given to somebody who is really hungry and no food to it. At the same time, I appreciated the openness of that beggar.
    Whether it is a big amount or small amount we should donate to a good cause and to a person who will not cheat us for his benefit. These days we see many people who will earn money by cheating others. But it is very difficult to know who is sincere and who is cheating? So many people will do whatever they can do and forget.

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    It is difficult to understand the ulterior motive of the person approaching for help.,No doubt, we are influenced with the acting of such smart men asking for a minor amount as donations. They are taking advantages of our weakness by entrapping ourselves in an emotional episode. Of course, before making any donation, we need to go through the facts how far the party is projecting the true picture of his intense hunger or poverty. Donating Rs 20/- in such a case is enough and for the same, why to go in the lengthy route of verification? May be with such a donation, we would have a false sense of pride of helping someone in one's need. However, it is not there there we will come across such people recurrently.

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    Croos, cheats and criminals know well how to exloit the opportunities.
    While many new honest and genuine businesses have opened up making use of the new opportunity in the Covid spread and lockdown situation, the cheats and criminals also have exploited the occasion.
    Robbery has increased in our town and nearby places. Many new cyber cheatings are happening. Many new fake medicines could have entered the market. We do not know how many masks and sanitizers are having right quality. Authorities have caught selling of stale food material, fish and meat.
    Only eternal vigilance and prudence can help us to some extent.

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    These days we are also getting messages in the phones stating that your account has been credited with five thousand by entering some uneven account numbers and asking us to click on the hyperlink suggested by them.

    This may be a trap to collect all our information. We have to be realistic in such approaches from unknown numbers.

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    Yesterday I got cheated by an online shopper. While going through Facebook pages, I saw an attractive item for sale. I completed the formalities and paid by scanning the QR code. After the money transaction from the bank, I did not receive any communication from the dealer. I repeatedly sent some messages and I received no response. I posted a comment in the comments box. One guy replied me, " It is a fake site dude. " I lost Rs. 300/-
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    Yes, we have to keep a watch on such people who are coming to us for some excuse and then cheating us. The online and digital medium is the favourite playground of these cheats and they lure people there to lose money.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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