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    Festival for worshiping rivers

    Water is most important to a living being as the three-food,air and water are indispensable for our daily life. Water is from rain through rivers reaching us. Not only for human but also for plants and animals the water is essential.
    In olden days the rivers are worshiped by people and the rives,as they serve people and everybody without expectation,are treated equal to mother and so they called feminine names like sindhu, kaveri,narmadha, Godhaveri etc.
    Since the period of king rulings the rivers are worshipped through festivals.
    One among is this day jyeshta (aadi in Tamil)18, which falls today august 3.
    This day people go to river bed with all family members by taking prepared variety food items, offer ooja to river and by sitting there collectvely share the food with joy.
    Throgh worshipping the rivers with honor they flourish well and because of that the agriculture flourish well and we people live without starvation.
    By keeping in mind only our ancestors develop such festivals and poojas. we should never mocked them but for the sake of our country people, by believing them as they are our brother and sister, we wiil continue to follow our elders
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    Yes every Tamilian is celebrating the festival called Padhinettam Peru today in the honor of letting out the water into the rivers across the state and from today the irrigation works would be starting with great earnest and that would end on the Sankranthi with the new crops. On this occasion the family would have the community lunch at the river shores by having bath and having variety of foods prepared for the purpose and there would be festival fervor of exchanging pleasantries between each other. But in Hyderabad we are not having the river and hence thinking of sitting at the cauvery bed we performed the puja today morning.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I did not know about this festival thank you for the information.
    I live in Madhya Pradesh and here Narmada River has also worshipped by us, Narmada Jayanti is celebrated as the Narmada river festival but apart from that day many people go to the ghat and worship on a daily basis. Me and my family used to go on special tithes like - Ekadashi, Pradosh, Poornima, Amavasya, etc. and of course on our birthday also we went to the river Narmada and pray for a blessed life. due to the pandemic disease, we had to stop to go there but we pray to the Narmada river at our home as well.
    But I strongly believe that The water of the river is not just for worship but also we have to take care of it, even our constitution article 21 also gives "Right To Live "to many rivers, so it's our duty to be alert for the cleanliness of river as much as we worship them.

    Swati Sharma

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    Rivers have gained holynesses as they are the basic needs of animals, humans and birds. They generate the crops which give food, shelter and happiness to individuals. They also have medicinal values in them, to heal the ailments. Without water, there is no life.
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    No water on the ground there is no life. So water is essential and we will know the value of water when it is not available. Many areas there is a scarcity of water and people has to go kilometres to fetch water. Such people only will understand the value of water.
    I never know about the festival that was mentioned by the author in this thread. This is a piece of good information and thanks to the author for the same. I know about Kumbhabhisekham and also Pushkaralu to various rivers. When I went to Hrushikesh there I watched Ganga Arathi. Similarly, I have seen the same at Varanasi also.
    These days the Arathi program to Godavari and Krishna rivers also being performed in Andhra Pradesh. I watched them also. I know many people having the habits of putting coins into the river when the train in which they are travelling is travelling on a bridge constructed over a river. But when we travel in AC compartments we can't do that. People who travel in Sleeper class may still be doing that.

    always confident

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    This worshipping of rivers and celebrating it like a festival is a new information for me and I thank the author for this post. It is said that water is the elixir of our life. It is the gift of nature to mankind and essential for our survival. As per our scriptures and holy books the world is composed of five basic elements - Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jala), Fire (Tejas), Wind (Vayu), and Space (Akasha). It is evident that water is one of them.
    Knowledge is power.

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