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    Are communication lines between friends more open or closed than earlier?

    When the lockdown began on the night of 24th March, initially, I'm sure, there would have been a flurry of messages and calls from friends about the situation, discussions centering on whether or not provisions were obtained. Then slowly the conversations moved to talk about the problems of sharing workspace and computers due to everyone working from home, about the lack of a maid, the difficulties in getting things repaired, the trials and tribulations of cooking and cleaning, sharing photos of innovative new dishes, and so on.

    Over time, as the months went by, did you experience a slowdown in the pace of communication from friends? Did they get so busy with their own work and problems that they really had no time to lend an ear to yours? Did they get caught up with their chores and online meetings that even weekly WA chats vanished? Or did you find that not only did friends share their jokes and woes equally but also willingly spared time for you far more than earlier, realizing how important it was to keep up spirits all round?

    Were the initial lockdown days and even now literally a lockdown in the friendship's communication lines?
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    What was then is not now. As you rightly said, initially there were relatives and friends who used to enquire about the presence of Corona in the area. Now we have learned more about corona and none is worried about the corona. This is evident from my post paid Mobile bill during the last four months.
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    When the lockdown was introduced, the people thought it will be like a vacation and they have not taken the problems seriously and took the things easily. So there is no pressure on them from the work front. So they spent initial days in communicating with friends and discussing normal issues. But slowly their houses have become their offices. From the house itself, they have to address all the office problems. At the same time as they are staying in the house all the time, children are also trying to demand some time from them.
    Domestic work pressure also increased as they have to support their partner in those works also. All these works put together the people are not able to find the time and completely immersed in work only. That is why communication with friends is reduced drastically.

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    I would say it is not completely closed but less frequent. Earlier, a few of my friends used to post WhatsApp messages all the time in the WhatsApp group but now a few of them do it only on weekends. Some of them are even attending offices. Actually, in the beginning it was a complete lockdown but after that when many offices started to function with a less number of employees many became busy, though not like earlier. They are returning much earlier and many are also not attending offices regularly. Those who have their own firms need to go to their office depending on the type of work they are doing. All these have changed the situation. The communication lines are busy at times.

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    Lockdown got lots of changes not only in long-distance relations but family members relations also positively affected by this. My communication with my friends and relatives never depend on lockdown, I used to call my loved ones often. I do not have much connection with people in my life I closed with few people but they and me we are communicated with each other without any specific reason. I do not like to chat on chatting Apps that is why I am not having those apps as well, So when I feel free I just called to any of loved ones could be a friend or relatives. But yes one thing that has been changed for me is now I interact some of my neighbors with whom I was not closed before lockdown but now I can't go anywhere for a morning walk so I walked on my terrace and this is the reason to start a conversation with my neighbors as much as I am never done.
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    In this digital world ofcourse communication between freinds more open or closer then earlier.But the real value of relationships are not like that. New generation have so many digital freinds so they are very open .But actually online freinds are whose we only share our mind not heart .Now a day days communication is very healthy for our relationship because only distance distroy our relationship. We need to share our mind and heart regularly for a healthy relationship.In this digital world we have enough sources to communicate with eachother ,so we don't value them.we think we have enough freinds but when we need them there are noone.all are mean from their own work.when they need you then used you thereafter they forget about you.But a true relationship needs not more communication but a healthy communication. For these so called online and fake freinds we leave our true relationship like family members and our real a days all univers fight from corona,some freinds worries like that they are actual but when they listen corona is intact in your city they stop communicate you. These are the reality of these take freinds. For a true friend should more worried about him.And start more care about ofcourse communication are more open or closed but relations are go ahead or distinct.

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    Surely there has been difference in the attitude of relatives and friends post lock down ease as there has been caution approach in receiving or visiting the house. I had been to one of the close family friends on a issue and I was made to stand outside the gate and I could understand their fears and thus left the place. I came for their purpose and chose to be cautious of any virus. It is the fact that people are having lots of fear about virus spread and they are not taking chance. Even the communications were not that strong and regular as more communications lead to more bonding and that needs personal interactions which everyone wants to avoid. Even the elders who are used to talk regularly are avoiding and they are stay put inside the home for their own reason and thus normal relations are yet to be started.
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    You have made a subtle observation. It is true that the initial momentum is ceased now and things have come down to the occasional calls and sometimes a video chat and conferencing with the far off relatives and friends. So, precisely speaking it has come back to same status as it had earlier.

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    Right, when Corona was in its initial stage in India lockdown has been declared by the government this time everyone was afraid by the virus and their situation also bother them so they were talking more as they do not have to do many things, lockdown takes a sudden change of everyone life which was not easily acceptable by all but after some time when it becomes a part of our life now we all are soo busy at our home only ..everyone has many works to do as we saw people are engaging themselves by watching movies at home or food love making different kind of food and many things which normally we did not do ourselves and keep maids for those works also done by us so this is all the reason people are busy then earlier phase or lockdown.
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    I think the frequency of calls or sending messages has reduced basically due to the boredom that has set in due to the scarcity of topics to be discussed. If Corona and COVID were fresh with chats or discussions bringing in fresh inputs from different people at different places in the initial days of lockdown, the topic started becoming stale due to the freshness being restricted to the increase or decreases in the number of Corona cases, the difficulties and problems being faced, work from home experiences, chores at home and so on.

    The friendship, care or concern does not appear to have been reduced but one has started feeling as to why we should be calling up someone every day or quite often and keep talking about the same thing. Communication lines are not closed but have now been restricted to getting connected only when you have some fresh news or experiences to be shared. Asking and responding to the same questions with not much of changes does no longer seems to be interesting. At the same time, I have observed that people have started making it a point to connect to people who appear to be in need of consolation so that their feeling of being cut off does not develop into some psychological issues.

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    I am in a habit of calling my school time friends and talking to them for a long time and even in the present corona times the same activity is continuing. So, for me there is not much appreciable difference between then and now.
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    Looking at the quotes in the diaries I have I came across this one: Friends are lost by calling often and calling seldom (supposed to be a Scottish proverb). I thought it is so true. When the pause between keeping in touch gets lengthier and lengthier and lengthier, eventually the friendship may just peter out. However, sometimes we can go to the extreme of constantly calling up and really irritate the friend so much so that it may create a bad quarrelsome reaction and end up breaking the friendship. So I think like any relationship a balance is essential in a friendship.
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    Everything is changing and so also in a relationship. It is not that only our friends but even we are changing. There are many times when I have ignored the call of many as I was busy with some work or thought would give them a call later. Instead of saying the call has reduced, it could be said that everyone is trying to balance their life during the pandemic by adjusting their daily routine work with family members around than it was when it was normal. I still have few friends who do keep in touch through messages, chats or calls but it is not that frequent as there is no new topic to talk apart from COVID-19, lockdown, hotspot, etc. Everything is in a standstill and with everyday increasing cases, it is becoming hard to guess the future. We do share our normal chats which include every type of messages and talks that we normally had but the frequency has reduced due to their busy schedules and adjustment through online work and house chores.
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