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    Should we follow the success of individuals or follow the individual

    There are so many successful people in the world who have told about their circumstances, what kind of environment they have came from, about their struggles in life.

    Any successful person was an ordinary person before success, one has achieved this success with dedication and hard work to achieve the target.
    I believe that in order to fulfill our goal we must follow those people who are ideal people in that direction where we want to go , then why does it happen that people do not learn anything from the struggling life of a successful person.

    Many times people forget that why they make someone their ideal, people forget about that what was their real goal and try to be like their ideal person.
    Instead of making own way, changing according to someone else does not provide the destination. Is it true or false to truly want to be like someone
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    What are the qualities of a particular person made him a success is important. A person should observe the key factors which made a person to be successful and they should try to follow those factors so that he can also become successful.
    Admiring a successful person will not make us successful. But inculcating the ways and means of the successful person by us will make us also successful. Success will not come easily. Hard work and focus on the goal should become a way of life.

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    Neither of the two. Follow the process to become successful that the successful persons mentioned. You need to choose your direction and you need to pursue your goals. All of the successful persons have one thing in common and that is their perseverance. If you forget your destination in the middle of the road where you wish to reach? You need to decide and walk on a path to reach the destination. How you will walk and how many steps you should take at a time may be described by someone who has travelled successfully the same path, but you need to walk to reach there.

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    Icons are like Lighthouse beacons. A ship on voyage needs guidance about its direction and channel. Beacons on the way help the ship captain know if he is navigating in the prescribed channel and distances. They also help him to know how far or near he is from his destination. But once he is safely docked at destination port he may not need a beacon.
    Icons are also like that. Once we have reached the icon's level we have to keep target further and have a new icon.
    As we follow only he beamed light and not the lighthouse, we have to follow the characteristic that made the icon so and not the person as such.

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    The stories of successful people can be read and understood to show us light and to lead the way with our own struggle, hardship. We have to take steps according to the present situation in our paths to lead to success.

    To be a successful person, we need to have goals, directions to move towards it. Success does not just fall into our hands but taking the first step to reaching our goals will lead us further.

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    Many people follow the successful people and are impressed with their achievements and activity levels. They always appreciate them and tell their examples and advise others to follow them. But it does not mean that the followers would be practically doing those things which are the traits of that successful person. So to that extent it is only a craze or fad to follow the successful people blindly.
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    Following anything is a weaker personality trait. We are often infatuated by other people and their actions and achievements. There is nothing wrong in it but we have to focus and concentrate in our targets rather than wasting time in praising others achievements. Sometimes following is a good thing when a person has called for a cause for good of society. When Mahatma Gandhi gave a call for freedom lakhs of people followed him on the roads risking their lives in the hands of the British rulers. So, sometimes following is for a sincere purpose and what I want to emphasise is that it should be like that purpose only and not for a cosmetic one.
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    We get impressed and show interest on a person through their acts and behaviors and that surely means we like them and also their traits. For example former President APJ Abdul Kalaam inspired many because, he was simple, down to earth person, never shown attitude of his big post, he used to mingle with students, give best advice to them out of his best life experience, and these rare qualities truly impress us and we follow him and his ideals. Same way Gandhiji was also so simple and yet greatly impressed everyone and thus joined freedom struggle without even calling to join. Because ordinary person like you and me cannot have the best traits of leading the people to the great moment and we easily fall into love and follow those who have the power to lead the people from front against the all odds.
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    Neither successful person nor his success can be followed because what problems he might have faced, not necessary will also come in your way and the way he overcame them, not necessary it will work for you. Problems or impediments are never predicted or presumed. Sometimes, they come out of thin air and you've to face them, however, some of them may be preconceived based on situation or vagaries. Therefore, what best measures you've to take, be taken then and there. Most important aspect is the perseverance and consistency with sterling faith in yourself- rather, being unmoved and steadfast you've to keep sticking to Job.

    Last but not the least and it's the destiny. Who doesn't work hard to succeed- almost everyone but a few men taste the taste of success. No matter what outcome comes, you've performed what you could do. So, Stay cool.

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    It is often said that we should read the success story of people who have failed many times and then raised to glory as they can help us find our way through theirs or at least a model that can motivate us than from people who are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Many people have started from scratch with nothing in their hand and have made it big like our own president APJ AbdulKalam, Famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallon, Colonel Harland Sanders an entrepreneur famously known as KFC started when he was 40 years, etc. Following a person depends upon each person as we need to find the quality that we want to make him/her our model. The person who started from below will motivate us from every experience that he had during his journey to reach that height. Some might be depressing, some tearing, some inspiring and some that hint us about the cation that we need to take while following one's dream or goal.
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