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    Should there be a retirement age to contest elections.?

    Most of the senior members of ISC appear to be retired government officials/teachers, even some of them who were in private sector or self employed should already have taken retirement voluntarily or their sons might have asked them to rest. My point of discussion is that after a certain age- say 60 years- men and women are expected to be retired from their work because they are no more so much efficient as they were in their youth. But our democratic system is as such that there is no retirement age for our politicians. They keep on working as active politicians unless they die or are sidelined by other politicians to supersede them. Generally they are appointed as governer of any state or are given some other responsibilities.
    This topic is merely for expressing your views, however, nothing is going to change as everything is their hands and they would never like to rest in isolation from glamour of politics.
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    Agreed that after 60 one should take rest more then but on the other hand it depends on person to person some people are there who do not want to take as much rest as another can, if they take rest they may feel week or sick sometime.
    As far as our democratic system is concerned there are some constitutional posts where retirement age is described by the constitution or by some commission that approximately 65 to 75, but still when we talk about the leader of politics ..MLA, CM .....all others don't have any retirement age, even they are not enough educated while representing our country in the world stage.
    Many things are wrong is our democratic system but no one is changing it, many politicians are there who all are sometimes playing with constitutional articles, even they don't know the detail about 395 articles mentioned in our constitution. Qualification and Retirement both should be declared for politicians. It needs to change the system but don't know how and when.

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    A very important point to discuss. There is a retirement age for almost all professions. Only one field, where there is no retirement age, is politics. When Advani who is above 80 years was not given a ticket for contesting as MP everybody criticised the BJP. When there are retirement ages are there for all position why not for this also.
    As we grow old, we can't move easily and we can't take up much responsibility. A people's representative will have to move around to understand the problems of the people and he should see that the problems will be solved. But how can we expect an old man who is above 80 to do all these things? So these old people should retire and give way to the young blood to come and serve the people. The leaders who are all above 70 should retire from politics and lead a happy peaceful life. This should be implemented at all stages of governance. Then only we can see young people in politics and governance.

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    Well, the MLAs and MPs are so privileged that they can fix their own salaries. I do not know whether they would like to retire but from their appearance and activities, it seems the more they can continue the better. Actually, politics cannot be classified as a job, hence not a profession. You may find many doing a part-time job along with a regular job but you will never hear that a person is involved in politics thinking it's a part-time job. The roles and responsibilities of a politician are quite different. They are the representative of either people or a political party. To represent, one must be articulate and have the qualities to represent. They do not have to work physically but need to apply their mind to formulate policies. As long as they can do that it's fine. A lot of people can work in that way which may be done by discussing it with others and interacting with people in the constituency. More than physical, they need to be mentally active. Let them remain active for the people and not for their own one-ended gains.

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    @Dr Rao:
    @Swati Sharma:

    Well said,this why I break my brain on this issue that a peon can't work efficiently in an office after this age but ruling the country is still easy for them.

    Several governers are above 70 years.

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    As a matter of fact they should also retire at an age of 60 years. But people argue that in order to avail their experience and other considerations, they can be allowed may be up to 70 or 75 years though many people opine that it is really too much to allow people working. One interesting example is coming from China where the communist party has allowed their present leader to continue in the present post till his death. The problem in this issue is because the politicians have to decide themselves the retirement age, no one would agree for putting a limit on that. Young people should be given a chance to run the country. Old people can be hired as advisers and consultants if someone is really so good to help the young people or is able to suggest them some good points.
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    @Sankalan Bhatacharya:

    Who will judge that a particular politician still has sound mind.? Can you ? Certainly not, however, you can come to know if he talks senselessly.

    What we see from them is prepared by burocrates. But if they contradict their own statements about some information regarding India on different occasions what you will sum up. Won't you?


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    I am of the opinion that there should be a maximum prescribing not only age but the number of terms also. There should also be certain specifications on posts and responsibilities. One who was a MP/central minister should not contest as MLA or MLC. He may be elected to either house or as higher leve iistr. The protocol availed earlier should not be allowed to be diminished. Like that a person who was governor should not contest as MLA or other lower levels.
    Now as there is no maximum for number of years or terms, the MLAs Mps and other pension eligible elected posts get a good amount of benefits and pension from government. If they take up any other assignments pension benefits should be discontinued..
    Our democratic governments withdrew the Privy Purse given to erstwhile kings arbitrarily violating benign agreements. Similarly the former MLAs MPs etc should be treated as any ordinary citizen and no protocol priority should be given.

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    Arafatuzzafar @#706508, whether the mind is sound or not can only be judged by either talking to the person on several occasions or by a health practitioner. I agree mental problems set in during the old age but not everybody suffers from that.

    Regarding, contradicting their own statements, I would say that is not related to their age rather, it has become their nature. They do it every time, maybe to stay relevant.


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    In the service sector, the retirement- age has been fixed as 60 and once they attain this age, they are served the retirement notice despite their excellent health. However, the same thing is not applicable in politics since they are the masters in framing rules. Moreover, they are the public servants elected by the public and hence they can continue till they like to serve the public. This was the first time when sri Advani was not offered ticket as a MP from BJP in the wake of his over age. Prior to this, there was no such regulation.
    Age certainly affects us many ways including the inability to walk properly and decision making process slows down. This needs the infusion of young bloods even in the politics for better serving of the country. Let the retirement age of the politicians be known to the public and they should follow it religiously.

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    There are many career lines for making a carer today for the students and everywhere after doing service for a stipulated time, one gets retirement. Politics is one exceptional career line where there is no retirement. The students who choose it are the luckier lot earning till the last breath.
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    Retirement age for the politicians, no way. Politicians gets more centered and sought after over the past experience and the count of winning the elections after elections and under them a group would be created which also has the super power to win the elections spending their own money. This is what happening with every party as the senior leader would be keeping on winning never mind whether he is ruling or the opposition parties. On the other hand the voters also want the experienced person to handle their woes and thus new comers are discouraged unless and until parties give the impetus to youth development in the party. That is the reason being we are seeing very senior leaders in every party and their children also induced to take part actively in the party and thus family gets attention in each election.
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    When we have test, qualification, interviews and retirement age for every government profession and have guidelines for it that have to be adhered by everyone then why not in politics? When we think that a person feels weak both physically and mentally after the age of 60, why do we think that they can work swiftly as a politician? It is true that as we age, we are filled with experience and can understand things from a different angle then why do we not consider the same for everyone as even a peon, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, etc too will have the same experience but we ask them to retire but when it comes to our leaders and politicians, once they come into it and have a seat, it is reserved till they die. During their course of time, they keep on changing post and parties and later they are allowed some seat from where they can earn a big amount and even power. As the present government is touching some major issues and were successful in pass the bill like CAA, Triple talaq, Article 370 OROP, let them also pass this bill that any politician who wants to enter politics and be a leader should have minimum graduation qualification, Retirement age as 60(common), Will have to resign from post if they change the party after winning the election, a person with any case registered on their name cannot contest any election, etc.
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