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    How good is your mental maths?

    I am not going to ask you to calculate any complex sum here but we need to calculate simple sums in our daily lives. Nowadays, many of us do not even like to tax our brains to calculate a simple sum because we are always carrying smart gadgets or using a calculator at home or workplace. One of my uncles told me how important mental mathematics is because you require it many times during the day, though depending on your work. I remember, during my childhood whenever I used to pass by a big grocer shop in the market one of the shop assistants used to loudly calculate the total price of the items taken by a customer using a pen and paper without the help of a calculator. Now also, there are grocer shops that do calculate the price of items of a specific quantity mentally but, they recheck it with a calculator. Many of you may not be carrying your mobile phones in the market during this period and there is always a chance of finding a few shops, especially the vegetable vendors, who find it difficult to calculate mentally. Be ready for such situations and if required, you need to practice, I mean mental maths.
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    You are right that nowadays these electronic items especially mobile make us weak in any manner.
    Before having mobile I remembered many of the landline contact numbers but after getting mobile I do not remember as many numbers. The same things would be implemented if we talk about photographs as now we all have a camera on mobile so we did not have many paper photos.
    I did not use mobile for basic calculation because I feel it takes too long to take mobile then enter pattern then got to the calculator and finally type digits if you made a mistake whole calculation would be wrong, so here I preferred counted them mentally, I feel more confident when I do it but you are also right at your place that many of people having same practice buy using calculator for basic maths.

    Swati Sharma

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    As technology improves we are becoming lazier in our day to day activities. It is true that I too remembered a lot of passwords and contact numbers orally. Besides this I try to always calculate the provision store calculations mentally, sometimes the provision stores try to cheat us if we just pay them as per their calculations. Checking not only refers to the value, number of quantities but also the cost of the items varying in kilograms too.
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    Absolutely with the introduction of mobile phones people don't stress their mind by calculating the amount by applying mind. I remember in our days we never used to use calculators or phones for simple calculations.

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    You are right. Our ability to calculate mentally has vanished. I too have problems. Sometimes I use my fingers to count the numbers. Yet I am mentally alert to check abnormal things.

    Last Sunday, I went to a vegetable shop and bought some vegetables. The lady there took out a print and gave it to me. I doubted the figures and asked her to check the items. The items were worth only Rs. 251, but her bill showed 340. The bill showed two additional items that I did not buy. Then she said, "Sorry Sir, two items from the previous bill for Rs. 89/- got added with your bill by mistake." Since then, I am very careful to check the bill for its correctness..

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    Using calculator for simple calculations makes our mind as lazy and lazy mind affects body. When I go to market to purchase something like grocery items, I see that most of the shopkeepers use calculator but I ask the price of items to shopkeeper and keep on calculating the total cost. Cross checking gives satisfaction.

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    The calculator made our lives easy. We need not remember any tables. During my high school days, we used to make by heart tables up to 20th table. The teacher used to ask us to tell these tables without seeing the book. I can do some calculations without using a calculator. There are shop owners these days also who calculate the total by writing on a paper and recheck. But they never use a calculator. Generally, when we give money to the milk vendor or dhobi I will do these oral calculations only and I will not use a calculator.
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    I am poor in calculating sums etc mentally but can do it sometimes counting on fingers or breaking them in parts. Usually I would require a pen and paper to work out anything like that.
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