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    Friendship with the veggies-walking home

    These days even the veggies are available in the package, neatly packaged and provide door delivery too. They give us a list of assorted vegetables to be selected. We have to calculate the cost and check on it's a feasibility to get it at our doorstep so that we need not go out for buying, also stay tension free.

    Thesee fresh, tender veggies have become friendly to the buyers as they come looking for us rather than we go out to look for variety. The cost of assorted 15 varieties of half a kilo is just 199/-.

    Do you welcome your veggies friend? Or will you go out to buy? What is your choice?
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    This is only a temporary scenario. Once the Covid situation is over things go back to normal(let it be very soon), the farms products will be bulk purchasd i advancecontrats by middle men and big chain stores.
    So enjoy the benefit when it is available.

    When my wife was working in Mumbai, many women would be waiting outsidethe office complexes in the evening. They will be keeping packets with vegetables cleanedand cut to size.The lasy employees coing out offcie have to buy these and they can putit for cooking as soon as they reach home. It was so convenient for them and it was a slight extra profit for the women for their labour.

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    What I feel that post easing of lock down when many have lost jobs they are having options on various selling methods and thus vegetables and fruits become handy. In Hyderabad one IT girl who lost job seen selling vegetable at the road footpath much to surprise of all because she has been shouting in English and selling the vegetable. Having seen her plight many are purchasing the vegetable from her. Here what I mean to say that new ways are being created to have the livelihood going and getting the vegetables sliced and packed neatly is one more way of attracting the existing customers. But once the vegetables are sliced we cannot wash them to be cook ready. Therefore if the vegetables are not sliced would be the best option to buy those fresh things at very affordable rate.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    In my area, this facility is no work as much as other areas, actually, here most of the people go outside and buy vegetables same as my brother do, he went to the market and buy vegetable for to 2 to 3 days.
    Once he took them at home we keep them in a tub with sanitized water for 5 to 6 hours then by removing from the tub we put them on the courtyard for 1 day then the next day we use this vegetable.

    Swati Sharma

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    We are not having such facility in our locality. Vendors come to the locality and we buy the vegetables from them and keep them in sunlight for 3-4 hours and then keep them in the refrigerator.

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    Almost from the last 6 months, we are purchasing all vegetables online only. A local farmer started an online business and developed an app. Mr Rythu is the name of the app. Once we open this app, there will be a list of vegetables available on the app and we can select the items and quantities. The rates will also come and if the total order value is minimum Rs.500/- the material will be delivered without any additional cost. But if the amount is less than Rs.500/-, they may charge delivery charges. If we give today, the material will be delivered tomorrow. The vegetables are fresh and almost all varieties are available. The rates are less than other companies prices. We are getting vegetables from that app only. Going out that too for markets where there will be too much crowd is not safe these days. Hence we are not thinking of going for the purchase of vegetables.
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    Many vendors are supplying packed vegetables nowadays at our door step and they are reasonably priced also. It makes sense to buy from them at least during the corona virus time as it helps in avoiding going out.
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    There are many shopkeepers who are out of job now as though their shops were open, there are no customers. These have diversified themselves in other types of businesses like supplying packed vegetables, supplying dairy and other provisions, supplying fruits, supplying coconuts, supplying home made chilli less food for the elders etc. So, this has given a new avenue for them to earn money. The customer is also happy as he is getting the things at the door step. Some customers especially lower middle class and middle class are not so happy as their expenses have increased as these items which are being delivered at the door steps are a bit costlier than that of available in the local market in the normal times.
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    Surely I would welcome them if they all come along walking from the market. In fact, when there was lockdown, vegetable vendors used to visit our place two or three times a week. Now there is no lockdown and the market is open so, they stopped coming. When you are getting everything at your doorstep I think almost everybody will prefer that. The situation has changed so are the ways of shopping.

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    I go to market to purchase fresh vegetables. It costs much less too and also you can select which vegetables you would prefer to eat today.

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    Due to restricted movement of the habitat due to partial lockdown in Jharkhand, what I feel that there are numerous vegetable vendors crossing our street with loud voice quoting the price of each vegetable. No doubt, these vegetable are fresh and even the prices are reasonable. With the time, number of such vendors has escalated showing how there is stiff competition in the market for the different commodities.
    With their swelling numbers in promoting the sales of the vegetables, I can well understand the plight of the unemployed youths selling vegetables in the wake of their unemployment. It is a way of survival in this hard time.

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    I appreciate your responses with the veggies. These days we are getting tomatoes and beetroots for just Rs.10/- per kilogram. I think you are also ready to enjoy the dishes made of tomatoes, rasam which is famous in Southern India.
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